What our Clients Say

Don't just take it from us, listen to what our clients are saying about myConsole

"Takes us through the whole life cycle of the project not just pre-win stages and allows us to jump in and change anything at any point. This allows us to generate a detailed game plan throughout the work winning process"

Senior Estimator, Tier 2 Contractor

"Very intuitive system, we can continually develop the tool to help us. There is so much flexibility in the system and we are seeing massive potential to develop and tailor it even more to what we want in the future"

Bid Manager, Tier 1 Contractor

"Everything is job and role specific, this makes it so much easier to change and edit unique projects and bids, so you don't have to jump through unnecessary hoops all the time. myConsole helps us focus on the tasks at hand and helps us stay on top of all everything all at once it helps us make much more intelligent decisions based on the data we receive "

Pre-Construction Manager, Tier 2 Contractor

"In order to improve on the current success of winning contracts we need to focus our energy in those activities that produce the most results. We found myConsole to be a suitable partner to bring the system for an in depth, analytical and process driven approach to our bid management efforts. We are now in process of setting up the systems with myConsole".

Managing Director, Tier 1 Contractor

"It currently addresses 25 of our current business processes and systems, saving us huge amounts of time and stopping vast amounts of data duplication."

Lead Estimator, Tier 1 Contractor

"We are already performing very well in pre-construction, but want to get better. Our target is to win every bid we go for. We want to strengthen our convictions on where to focus our resources, we want to make decisions more quickly and we want to reduce costs of each tender. We are excited to have signed with myConsole as we think they can help us with all of this."

Managing Director, Tier 1 Contractor