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Work Winning RFPs

Work Winning RFPs

Given that the cost of winning work for capital intensive industries can be as much as 20% of gross turnover, there is very real opportunity to improve win rates from typically 1 in 5 to 1 in 2, as well as significantly lowering bid production costs. By leveraging myConsole's Work Winning tools the consequence of winning more of your pipeline whilst saving bid resource, spend and effort will now improve net profits by between 10% and 50%.

The insight myConsole brings helps the industry to leverage the power of data to provide insight and analytics that solve the key work winning issues we are facing using data analytics, visualisation and solution reporting. This insight will organisations understand important trends and predict outcomes, inform decision-making and improve business performance.

Key Benefits

  • Optimisation of your entire work winning processes via a cloud based platform
  • A Dashboard providing real-time data insights for every user
  • Leverages 'marginal gains' to stimulate efficiency and improve profit margins
  • A unique & inbuilt Win Score algorithm to drive selectivity
  • Easy integration with other CMS systems

Build Winning Mentality

myConsole's Work Wining tools help revitalise a winning mentality. For the management team, a customisable dashboard and reports system allows for instantaneous forecasting and key metric analysis. It offers integrated collaborative working practices, such as delivering submissions to address agreed win themes and bid strategies, with clear ownership of predetermined governance to pass through work flow gateways.

Key Figures in Real Time

myConsole's Work Winning tools provide critical concurrent data analysis and information monitoring which is often very hard to find. The tools automatically identify, capture and analyse key data from across all the work winning activities for your entire pipeline to provide important data that will provide real-time insights on all work winning approaches and activities.

Predictive Analytics

myConsole's Work Winning tools analyse current and historical data and makes predictions about the future. Recommendations are in real time, which prompts users on how to increase their chance of winning, improve personal performance, manage risks and opportunities, or analyse reviews to gain improvement insights which then can be applied immediately.