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ESG Maturity Assessment

ESG Maturity Assessment

If you have signed up to our ESG implementation support package we can help you undertake an Assessment and provide an ESG Maturity Preview Report with next step recommendations.

Undertaking a ESG Maturity Assessment will help you start the process of finding out what you are doing well already and help uncover the material issues that are critical to your organisation's growth.

The findings and recommendations of our Assessment on your ESG Maturity will help you start to define your organisation's ESG strategy, so is the first step in defining your ESG implementation plan.

Our ESG Maturity Assessment will start your ESG journey as it is a key tool to help you identify and prioritise ESG issues that are most critical to your organisation. Also, by undertaking our Assessment you will gain an early insight in how your organisation sees its purpose and currently scores across all key ESG topics and criteria.

ESG Maturity Assessment

What our ESG Maturity Assessment achieves:

  • Starts off your organisation's ESG journey
  • Help you define your organisation's ESG strategy
  • Helps you review which markets and product categories you participate in
  • Provides a preview of the ESG score question topics
  • Clarifies the quantified / numerical data that will be requested.
  • Helps you start locating the data owned and held by others in your organisation
  • Enables a collaborative teambuilding opportunity around ESG
  • Data is automatically captured and collated via an email survey
  • Consolidates and analyses data and responses in one report
  • Provides the ability to capture your teams additional informed insights & priorities
  • Starts your thinking around operationalising purpose at the very core of your business
  • Identifies your team's perceived strategies and challenges to overcome
  • Delivers an preview assessment alongside recommended actions
  • Secures essential support required from your colleagues anywhere in your organisation

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ESG Maturity Assessment

What myConsole enables you to deliver

Effectively myConsole provides the processes, tools, and support for your organisation to deliver commitments to a broad range of stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and, of course, shareholders which enables:

  • Communicating the company's performance to different stakeholders.
  • Linking and reporting the connections between Purpose, operational and financial performance
  • Demonstrating credible accountability through coherent commitments, actions, and performance.
  • Showing continuous improvement through real-time measurement, management, and reporting
  • Demonstrating that leadership is managing ESG issues most material to the business

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Comprehensive Maturity Assessment

myConsole offers a maturity assessment tool that enables companies to evaluate their material ESG topics across a comprehensive scale, from "Non-existent" to "Advanced." or a customised scale. This provides a clear picture of their current sustainability maturity.

Gain Maturity Clarity

Gain clarity on how well your organisation is managing and integrating material ESG issues into its operations and strategy. Identify areas where the organisation may be lagging or excelling, allowing for targeted efforts to improve ESG performance where it matters most.

Develop Action Plans

myConsole helps organisations create action plans for each ESG topic at a lower maturity level to outline specific steps and initiatives to enhance maturity in these areas. So, companies can not only assess their current state but also track progress over time.