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ESG made Easy - to operationalise ESG across your Organisation

Integrate all your ESG approaches and activities within one platform.

Develop activity plans, allocate responsibilities and monitor progress of impacts your organisation is having on your stakeholders.

Gain valuable insights from across entire ecosystems via real-time BI dashboards

Enables powerful governance and audit trials, continuous improvement and lessons learnt, real time analytics to unify people, data and processes across entire organisations.

Integrated Tools to Implement ESG

Operationalises ESG across your organisation as all ESG activities are in one platform.

Automated Data Collection

Built-in Tools to capture target ESG data from internal operations & external suppliers / ecosystems.

Integrated Data Reporting in Real Time

Monitor, Track, Manage & Develop Disclosures with version control

Undertake Materiality & Maturity Assessments

Ask your stakeholders to identify the sustainability topics that are most material to your organisation