Your Pre-Construction Digital Workplace

myConsole is a transformational pre-construction digital workplace.

We help improve selectivity, productivity and win rates.
Enable collaboration and governance across all stage gateways whilst maintaining the quality and integrity of data.

Digital workplaces are a virtual digital equivalent of the physical workplace provided by an organisation to allow people to do their jobs.
myConsole delivers your entire pre-construction processes and bid management approaches.

Eliminate duplication of inconsistent data across the entire pre-construction / work winning process.


Our core product Pipeline Bid/No Bid digital workplace uses the very latest cloud collaborative technology which can be enhanced with a range of valuable Add-Ons.

Each of the Add-Ons has been designed to significantly improve operational performance, behaviours, governance and accountability.

Our digital workplace currently has 37 of the typical 50 pre-construction process elements as fully integrated built-in functions.

Our core platform is Pipeline Bid / No Bid

A highly collaborative advanced database workplace platform pre-configured for UK construction industry contractors. It is ready to go, no need for expensive development costs and time. We also can align your current approaches within myConsole using its advanced control panel.

At its core is a weighted algorithm across 32 separate criteria for a continuous automatic assessment of every opportunity to consistently assess the winnability of every bid in your pipeline. This helps you avoid bidding for work you simply cannot win (i.e.wasting valuable time and resources) meaning you can reinvest this saved time on bids you have the highest probability of winning. A built-in bid mentor also suggests activities you could undertake to increase the win score as well as tracking your competitors' outcomes.

What it delivers to leadership and bid teams:
Real-time predictive dashboards for every business-critical criteria, analysing in real-time the future business viability, projected profit margins and turnover across BU's, bid teams, key clients, key sectors key frameworks and key geographies as well as monitoring bid costs and predictive margins and performance.

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Intelligently focus your resources

• Uniquely incorporates a cognitive approach to work winning
in construction and pre-construction collaboration,
• Identifies insights across the pipeline on all individual bids,
• Alerts you to abort poor success bids early;
to re-direct resources into tenders with higher chances of winning.
• Supports collaboration from start to finish,
promoting high performance work winning behaviour,
ultimately leading to increased profits.

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