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Delivering real-time impact analysis,

ESG reporting and governance

myConsole is an end-to-end SaaS enterprise platform for SME's, corporates, purpose driven organisations and Social NFP entities who wish to manage their sustainability impacts and implement adoption of ESG strategy, processes, and reporting.

myConsole simplifies the gathering, capture and assessment of your ESG data by streamlining every stage of your sustainability lifecycle while helping your people transition behaviours to create an organisation wide ESG culture and sense of purpose.


Our digital transformation technology centralises information from key stakeholders, imports data from your existing tools and systems, aligns to any Standards and Frameworks, analyses risk, surveys and captures data, empowering your teams to easily report on their ESG initiatives and programs.
The myConsole platform helps you drive better management of business-critical sustainability, ESG disclosures and achievement of commercial outcomes, whilst creating significant value and benefits for both for organisations, wider stakeholders and society as a whole.


Who is myConsole built for?

  • All SME's
  • All corporates
  • Impact driven organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • Non-profit entities
  • NGO's on behalf of impact Investment funds

How your teams benefit

myConsole empowers your teams to capture, collect, assess, monitor, evaluate and visualise all your organisation's sustainability activities, ensuring they are productive and efficient. Using customisable performance dashboards, you can:

  • Manage goals across project milestones
  • Undertake ESG assessment preview of both your own ESG score and those of your wider stakeholders
  • Adapt and customise the platform using self-service tools
  • View, in real time, each initiative and project's contribution to overall targets and objectives

Available Additional Packages

In addition to our very comprehensive core digital workplace platform, we offer a set of fully integrated tools to help you focus on either Impact, ESG or both. You can easily mobilise a tailored solution to match your ESG & Impact performance expectations and start to improve the lives of employees, beneficiaries and community's priority needs whilst gaining invaluable insights specific across all your programmes.

Whether you need to Monitor & Evaluate Impacts, undertake consensus surveys, evaluate risks or be updated of the ongoing progress of your ESG implementation initiative, myConsole gives you the platform to manage, evaluate, monitor and assess every step of the way.

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Manage Programmes

Manage wider funding programmes and performance outcomes and expectations

Align Programmes

Align a specific programme with desired project outcomes in sectors and segments

Track Project Progress

Track project progress across milestones

Analyse Performance

Enable real time evaluation, monitoring, management and governance


Key features

  • Manage project lifecycle, workflows & stage gateways
  • Make assessments on your sustainability and preview ESG scoring
  • Track and manage ESG initiatives risk & opportunities
  • Align specific programmes with desired projects outcomes
  • Recreate your existing due diligence, governance and compliance processes
  • Track, survey and capture target indicators for all portfolios
  • See real-time impact targets versus progress
  • Gain robust governance, reviews & organisational learning
  • View geo locations of your all project site

Cost reductions

By increasing efficiency, productivity and decreasing waste

Valuable Insights

For every user at every stage of their allocated projects and programmes

Data transparency

Via real time information capture and analysis