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Digital ESG Workplace

Operationalises ESG at the core of your business, monitors all impacts, reports all disclosures and outcomes whilst delivering powerful real time governance & captured lessons learnt to unify people, data, processes and workflows across the entire enterprise.

myConsole provides continuous improvement insights within a full set of commercial BI dashboards and valuable analytics.

Why Choose myConsole? Typical Customer Situations & Scenarios

Company A
We have to start thinking about ESG for our company, but know little or nothing about it.

  • Limited Knowledge of ESG
  • Random, disconnected and generally reactive initiatives.
  • Limited or no tracking or reporting
  • Pressure from supply chain partners or investors to demonstrate credentials
  • Unsure of where to start

Company B
We want to put ESG at the centre of our business, and are limited by a lack of strategic approach and our systems.

  • Good ESG practices, but lacking integrated strategy and clear targets.
  • Aware of frameworks and standards, but confused by range and choice
  • Siloed tracking and manual processes for reporting
  • Internal and External momentum to embed ESG

Company C
We already think strategically about ESG, but are missing opportunities for the buesiness because of the limitations of our systems.

  • Purpose-driven with ESG strategies at the core
  • Siloed tracking and manual processes for reporting
  • Internal momentum for greater efficiency and insights than currently provided by spreadsheets

Full Control of your ESG Strategy

Target, prioritise, manage and achieve aligned ESG goals and outcomes.

Built-in Cultural Change Implementation Programme

Prompts and drives adoption.

ESG Adviser

Mentors individuals and teams with an ESG mindset.

Built-in Purpose Score

Assess each projects purpose to prioritise which ESG projects deliver the best ROI for available budgets.

Automated Governance

Robust governance is automated into all ESG projects, programmes and initiatives.

Task Management

Easy allocation of responsibilities of all tasks to people and roles enables streamlined progress across workflows, stage gateways, reviews, and milestones of all projects and programmes.

ESG Stakeholder Assessment

Assesses and faciliatates management of key stakeholders and supply chains