myConsole is a cloud-based pre-construction workflow technology platform.
It is delivered either as separate modules or as a complete fully integrated and connected contractor platform
Each of the six current modules has been designed to significantly improve operational performance, behaviours, governance and accountability across each process to increase collaboration, productivity, win rates, profit margins whilst de-risking projects, reducing bid costs and saving user's time.
Modules include :
Pipeline Management | Framework Management | Key Client Management | Bid Management
Risk Management | Tactical Business Planning


• Enter data once for a single source of truth
• Improved personal productivity and performance for every user
• Real time bespoke personalised dashboards
• Unlimited users per business unit
• Training videos, prompts and checklists for every work flow
• Built in construction industry ready CRM

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Intelligently focus your resources

• Uniquely incorporates a cognitive approach to work winning
in construction and pre-construction collaboration,
• Identifies insights across the pipeline on all individual bids,
• Alerts you to abort poor success bids early;
to re-direct resources into tenders with higher chances of winning.
• Supports collaboration from start to finish,
promoting high performance work winning behaviour,
ultimately leading to increased profits.

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