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Purpose Driven ESG Portfolio Management Platform

myConsole operationalises purpose & ESG across the organisation by integrating all ESG approaches and activities in one platform that drives ESG strategies forward to become your embedded core culture.

Customisable forms, features and functions enable development of plans and actions, progress monitoring of impacts against targets, management risks and mitigations as well as the coordination of disclosure creation turning your ESG approaches, activities, projects and initiatives into publishable disclosures of the actual E S & G impacts your organisation is having on your stakeholders, across your enterprise.

Additionally, our ESG ecosystem architecture can provide your wider stakeholders survey and permission based access, to enable the capturing and processing of wider ESG data to be drawn in from your supply and value chains, delivering further valuable insights from across entire ecosystems.

myConsole also delivers powerful governance and audit trials, continuous improvement and lessons learnt at each workflow and stage gateway with a full set of customisable BI dashboards that provide real time analytics that enable a personal view of each users responsibilities, unifies people, data and processes across the entire organisation.

Full Control of your Purpose & ESG Strategy

Target, prioritise, manage and achieve aligned Purpose & ESG goals and outcomes.

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Built-in Purpose Score

Assess each projects purpose to prioritise which Purpose & ESG projects deliver the best ROI for available budgets.

Business Process Automation

Operationalise and streamline ESG efficiently across end to end lifecycle workflows

Task Management

Easy allocation of responsibilities of all tasks to people and roles enables streamlined progress across workflows, stage gateways, reviews, and milestones of all projects and programmes.

Stakeholder Assessment

Surveys, assesses and faciliatates management of key stakeholders and supply chains