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Impact Measurement & Management

Impact Measurement & Management

While ESG management is a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of integrating ESG considerations into an organisation's strategy and operations, impact measurement and management focus on quantifying and improving the actual outcomes and effects of ESG initiatives. While ESG management is about doing the right things, impact measurement and management are about ensuring that the right things are being done effectively and achieving meaningful results.

myConsole's Impact Measurement & Management (IMM) tools help organisations go beyond the output of ESG initiatives, and focus on outcomes and effects.


Impact measurement relies heavily on data collection, analysis, and metrics to gauge the effectiveness of ESG efforts. It often involves assessing KPIs related to ESG objectives. myConsole enables organisations to be fully data-driven

Quantification of Outcomes

myConsole offers tools to help organisations in quantifying and evaluating the direct and indirect effects and results of ESG initiatives. It helps you look at how ESG activities translate into tangible impacts.

Continuous Improvement

The aim of impact management is an ongoing evaluation aimed at enhancing positive outcomes and mitigating adverse effects related to ESG endeavours. myConsole empowers organisations to monitor, measure, and track the advancement of their ESG initiatives, facilitating a path towards continuous enhancement.