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ESG Materiality Assessment

ESG Materiality Assessment

In the evolving landscape of corporate sustainability and responsibility, understanding the material issues that impact your organisation and assessing your maturity level in addressing these issues are paramount. myConsole offers a suite of tools and expertise to help companies perform Materiality Assessments.

We will conduct a one-time or periodic materiality assessment for your business, providing vaulable insights into its performance.

myConsole provides the processes, tools, and support for your organisation to deliver commitments to a broad range of stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and, of course, shareholders which enables:

  • Communicating the company's performance to different stakeholders.
  • Linking and reporting the connections between Purpose, operational and financial performance
  • Demonstrating credible accountability through coherent commitments, actions, and performance.
  • Showing continuous improvement through real-time measurement, management, and reporting
  • Demonstrating that leadership is managing ESG issues most material to the business

Create Materiality Questionnaire

Effortlessly design a Materiality Questionnaire that aligns with your business's ESG priorities. Tailor your questions to your specific industry, operations, and sustainability goals.

Gather Stakeholder Responses

Engage a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and community members to complete the questionnaire. Send emails and automatic reminders and validate response data

Identify Material ESG Topics

Construct a materiality matrix - a visual representation of ESG issues based on stakeholder concern and potential impact on your business, allowing you to identify the ESG topics that are most material to your business.