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Supply & Value Chain Reporting

Supply & Value Chain Reporting

Are you actively managing your supply chain?

What is the potential impact of any supply chain failure?

What if a key supplier is revealed to be an exploitative employer?

Do you have a detailed assessment of supplier's level of alignment to your ethos and value set?

Do you collect their actual performance data or simply believe what they say?

Could you provide to you board empirical evidence to back up your suppliers claims?

Supplier analysis must be more than cursory meetings it should entail impact assessments and audits which not only demonstrate good governance but improves your ability to mitigate business and regulatory risk. Good governance requires an understanding of your organisation's supply chain far beyond statements of their capability to deliver and the prices they charge you.

myConsole delivers a sustainable supply chain and governance and enables integration and coordination across your operations. You will be able to implement proper policies that are being controlled through intentional actions to affect all your partner relationships. By having effective management of ESG issues throughout your supply chain you will experience many other benefits including:

  • Reduced risk of supply chain disruption due to ESG issues.
  • Helping your suppliers improve the quality working conditions.
  • Avoiding reputational damage that decreases your turnover.
  • Presents opportunities for innovation and market differentiation.

Our tech-driven approach fosters supply chain transparency, enhances compliance with sustainability standards, and ultimately supports companies in achieving their ESG goals while strengthening their reputation for responsible and ethical sourcing, resulting in long-term sustainability and competitiveness. Start your proactive stance on supply chain auditing and the management of ESG risks overall and address any low levels of compliance and regulatory risks.

Supply & Value Chain Reporting

Supplier Sustainability Assessment

myConsole can help organisations in supplier sustainability assessments by automating data collection, performance metrics tracking, and risk analysis. Companies can benefit from real-time insights into supplier ESG practices, enabling informed decision-making, risk mitigation, and the identification of areas for improvement.

Supplier Data Integration

myConsole can integrate data from various suppliers, enabling organisations to consolidate information related to supplier sustainability practices, such as environmental performance, labour practices, and ethical sourcing and to ensure suppliers adhere to relevant sustainability requirements.

Customisable Scorecards

myConsole facilitates the creation of customisable supplier scorecards that align with specific sustainability criteria and performance benchmarks. These scorecards help organisations assess supplier performance and compliance with sustainability goals.

Supplier Risk Assessments

myConsole can help organisations automate the assessment of supplier-related ESG risks, allowing them to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with their supply chain, which helps in providing transparency to stakeholders, customers, and investors.