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For Membership Organisations

For Membership Organisations

Are you an Association or Membership body?

Do you feel your members are leading or lagging in sustainability?

Spearhead ESG excellence and inspire ESG progress among your members!

For industry bodies, associations, and membership organisations, our ESG tech platform offers a powerful solution to drive sustainability initiatives across your membership base.

Seamlessly assess the sustainability practices of your member organisations through standardised questionnaires, gather responses, and establish scoring mechanisms that benchmark members ESG performance and where they can improve.

Leverage our platform pre-set functionality to create your own bespoke set of ESG indices / assessment criteria specific to your industry or domain, you can offer valuable insights into the sustainability performance and maturity of your membership segmentation across industries and sector.

Whether you aim to elevate industry standards, foster responsible business practices, or provide members with a competitive edge, our platform empowers you to lead the way in sustainable industry transformation.

Engagement Model

If you are a membership body, our primary engagement is with you. We license you a white-labelled tech platform which will integrate without disruption to your existing processess. When your member organisations wish to assess their sustainability/ESG maturity, they use the link on your website, leading them to our assessment tool. The questions they answer are pre-defined and developed in collaboration with you. Following their responses, they receive a sustainability/ESG maturity score along with a detailed report.

Should a member organisation seek insights into actions to improve their score, our platform can generate recommendations for them.

Furthermore, if any of your member organisations express interest in adopting our platform to manage their own sustainability journey and we engage with them directly, we are pleased to offer you a referral fee income.

Moreover, our engagement extends beyond individual assessments. By aggregating the ESG maturity scores of your member organisations, we empower you to create a bespoke ESG index tailored to your industry. This custom index provides a comprehensive snapshot of the collective sustainability performance within your sector.

You can gain deeper insights into the strengths and areas for improvement across your membership base, allowing you to track progress, identify trends, and further elevate industry standards. This valuable tool not only enhances your organisation's visibility into members' sustainability efforts but also positions you as a leader in driving positive change across your sector.

Salient Features

Standardised Questionnaires

Create standardised ESG questionnaires tailored to your industry's unique challenges. Streamline the assessment process, ensuring consistency and comparability among member organisations.

Efficient Data Collection

Efficiently gather responses from member organisations using our platform. Collect data on environmental, social, and governance practices to comprehensively evaluate sustainability performance.

Scoring Mechanisms

Establish scoring mechanisms based on ESG criteria relevant to your industry. Enable fair and transparent assessment, allowing member organisations to understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

Bespoke ESG Indices

Leverage our platform to create bespoke ESG indices specific to your domain. Showcase industry leaders, encourage healthy competition, and provide members with a clear roadmap for sustainability excellence.

Benchmarking and Insights

Enable benchmarking among member organisations, facilitating the exchange of best practices. Generate actionable insights from ESG data, driving continuous improvement in sustainability performance.

Enhanced Industry Standards

Elevate industry standards by encouraging member organisations to meet and exceed ESG benchmarks. Lead the way in shaping a sustainable future for your sector with actual data and performance analytics.

Competitive Advantage for Members

Offer members a competitive advantage by highlighting their sustainability performance. Position sustainability as a key differentiator and catalyst for growth within your industry.

Customisable Reporting

Provide customisable reporting capabilities for member organisations. Deliver tailored feedback and actionable recommendations, facilitating their sustainability journey.