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ESG Workplace Platform

What you can do with our Core ESG Bronze Platform for £99 per month

• Develop your ESG roadmap, vision and strategy
• Set your desired annual and monthly impact performance.
• Select and prioritise ESG topics material to your stakeholders.
• Create goal/Impacts for any standard or framework ie. CSRD
• Identify your internal and external stakeholders to engage with.
• Set up and manage your sustainability initiatives and projects
• Organise your sustainability / ESG project teams across your organisation
• Track completion progress via real time dashboards.
• Collect impact data from across your organisation.
• Monitor performance of targeted metrics and KPIs
• Directly log impactful data & activities as they happen.
• Capture and coordinate all your data to achieve maximum impact
• Identifies outcome results & define long-term changes in behaviour of project beneficiaries
• Report effect of intervention activities on beneficiaries and stakeholders

Core ESG Bronze Platform - £99 per month - Includes 2 Users

Portfolio Manager Real-Time Commercial Dashboards
ESG Team Resource Management Annual Impact Planner
Training Academy Change Management Programme
Workflow Automation Project Lifecycle Workflows
Self-Service Customisation Assigned Tasks Notification
Real-Time Data Aggregation BI Dashboards & Analytics
Annual Strategy Planner Stakeholder Relationship Planner
ESG Advisor Customisable On Demand Consultancy
Built-in Collaboration Aligns to Any Frameworks
Report Generator CRM
Full Data Visualisation BI Dashboards & Analytics for all aspects of ESG, Including:
Carbon & Energy
Water, Waste, Air & Ecosystem
Social & Customer Responsibility Security, Safety and Accessibility
Workforce Wellbeing & Diversity
Management & Oversight.


Set KPI Targets & Manage data across ESG projects and material issues.
Includes all Core Platform functions and capabilities.
• Includes 2 users at Single Site
• Additional Users - £10 per user per month
• Multi-sites - Additional £75 per month



Plan & Implement ESG operationally across your organisation.
Includes all Bronze features and Core functionality.
• Sustainable Vision and Strategy Manager
• Stakeholder Engagement Manager
• Resource Allocation Task & Activity Manager



Drive Strategy & Purpose across operations
Includes all Bronze & Silver features, plus
• Programme Manager
• Disclosure & Reporting Manager
• Purpose Assessment Score Manager



Includes all Bronze, Silver and Gold features, plus
• Data Acquisition and Collection Manager
• GRC Governance Risks & Compliance Audit Approval
• Risks & Opportunities Manager
• ESG Policies and Procedures Manager