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Our Solutions - Democratising ESG with low-cost transparent pricing and support

At myConsole, we are committed to help businesses and organisations drive sustainability and ESG excellence into their operations. Our innovative technology-based solutions empower organisations to make informed decisions, maximise positive impact, and navigate the complexities of ESG management effortlessly. We envision a future where businesses thrive while making a meaningful impact on the world. Our ESG solutions bring this vision to life.

Explore our comprehensive suite of ESG solutions, designed to address the multifaceted challenges of today's corporate responsibility landscape.

For Small Business: Leverage our hands-on ESG Specialists with our core ESG platform to measure and manage your organisation's social, environmental, and economic impact. Our solution empowers you to maximise positive change and optimise sustainability using our low-cost optional support packages to enable your internal teams to either quickly get started or continue throughout your entire ESG journey.

For Membership Organisations: Drive sustainability initiatives across your membership base. Seamlessly assess the sustainability practices of your member organisations through standardised questionnaires, gather responses, and establish scoring mechanisms that benchmark members ESG performance and where they can improve. By benchmarking your members maturity levels you will help them gain invaluable insights into the material ESG factors affecting their organisation's growth and reputation and where and how they can improve.

For Work Winning RFPs: Optimise the resources you spend on bidding and winning work when responding to your customers and clients RFPs. Harness accurate, real-time insights to craft compelling narratives and improve how you curate and manage your ESG performance content to maximise your chances of winning work with winning RFP's.

For Supply Chain Gorvernance: Extend your sustainability focus across your supply chain by assessing your suppliers' levels of sustainability. Report analytics and aligned supplier ESG performance across all types and variants of sustainability programmes and ensure you are working with ethical partners that also drive responsible sourcing practices.

For Medium & Large Enterprises: Revitalise your approach to sustainability with our Enterprise ESG Management platform. This all-inclusive solution empowers your entire organisational infrastructure to kick-start and manage its sustainability journey seamlessly. From materiality and maturity assessments to goal setting, initiative management, and comprehensive reporting, our platform covers it all. Plus, it effortlessly integrates with your existing systems, including ERP, HRMS, CRM, Finance & Accounting etc.