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Deepening the impact

Harnessing real-time data analytics


WEglobal is a fast growing group of consultants, committed to making a lasting impact in supporting countries as they go through change, enabling policies and practices that improve the lives of all their citizens. After a rapid decade of growth, which saw them complete over 80 of the world's largest projects in collaboration with over 400 partners and impact over 100,000 newly trained individuals, they needed a digital solution that pushed the boundaries. WEglobal wanted to de-risk projects, deepen their impact, harness connectivity and bring about increased efficiency, governance and accountability

myConsole's cloud-based platform solution was able to meet these challenges by improving data quality, facilitating real-time planning, decision making and assessments, supported by increased leadership buy-in and stakeholder involvement throughout the end-to-end lifecycle of multiple projects.

myConsole acheived this by:

  • replicating WEglobal's existing processes, workflows and reporting using a built-in "self-service" control panel
  • aggregating data into one digital workspace
  • allowing users to fine tune assessment criteria, weightings and thresholds for each milestone phase
  • facilitating instant data analysis and insights
  • using assessment scoring factors and recommendations
  • enabling WEglobal to evaluate all the dynamics of a project holistically
  • promoting the prioritisation of each project based on its strengths and weaknesses.

"We chose myConsole because we felt the breadth and scope of their digital workplace solution was the perfect fit for us," said WEglobal Managing Director Levent Erkan. "We wanted an effective, simple and cost-efficient offering that delivers what it promises, and we got just that."

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