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Governance & Risk

Project by Project Governance

Each project must go through your preset reviews before moving on to the next stage of your workflow. Each review is assigned to the relevant team member who is notified and has ownership of this review.

Predictive risk management

Predictive risk management with real-time dashboard visibility of each project, and the ability to extend dashboards to clients and along the supply-chain. It becomes possible to check whether your team priced for all risks and see if the delivery team exploited all opportunities.

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Key Features

  • Projects have required governance in order to move through the workflow
  • Role based reviews, signed off by only those with the responsibility
  • Dashboard and notifications for users outstanding reviews
  • Signed and dated reviews once approved
  • Audit Control
  • Lessons Learnt built in
  • RACI Management allowing for full allocation
  • Lessons Learnt for each stage of your project lifecycle
  • Built in reports for more complex project provides detailed Risk Registers
  • Sharing information across stakeholders via dashboard access.
  • Alleviates concerns over inadequate Risk Reviews.
  • Provides clear allocation of risk at contract formation.
  • All risks clearly assigned to liable parties in the contract.
  • Retained risk allowance clearly visible.
  • Every user sees their actions and activities via their personalised dashboards on their smart phones.
  • Risk register automatically costed and shows delays.

Enables Ethos of Predictable Outcome

Identify Risks

All types of Risks can be easily identified in a clear real time dashboard throughout the entire end to end lifecycle period.


Allocations of responsibility for resolving or mitigating these risks can be allocated early on so that they can be closed out appropriately.

Lead Person

Reduces the degree of uncertainty by identifying the risks, quantifying them, and assigning a lead person to coordinate the mitigation plan.


Post-delivery analytics to help assess if risks properly costed at eah milestone with built in organisational and lessons learnt to mitigate risks in the future.