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Governance & Risk Module

Project Workflow Governance

Each project must go through your preset reviews before moving on to the next stage of your workflow. Each review is assigned to the relevant team member who is notified and has ownership of this review.

Risk Management

Our built-in Risk Management tools are linked to real-time dashboard and provide full visibility of risks and opportunities specific to each internal, external or materiality project. Move your risk focus from just financial risks and start building and managing your corporate resilience across all your ESG dimensions. Allocate risk tasks for your entire team to manage across your ESG Strategy, all ESG projects and your wider programmes such as your ESG Road Map.

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Business Process Automation

myConsole is a connected automated technology platform that optimises ESG activities and operations thereby enabling organisations with possibly only a few skilled ESG people and/ or teams to improve productivity and continuous improvement across all their ESG dimensions. An automated ESG Platform that leverages digital workflow and remote collaboration capabilities to deliver performance, support, training, team collaboration and governance across workflow process to deliver disclosures and boost wider teams proficiency and performance for the entire organisation.

myConsole's software platform leverages digital governance workflow and remote collaboration capabilities to digitise and optimise existing ESG processes and systems so new ESG people are onboarded quickly and become productive in less time than using traditional approaches with the additional benefit of achieving ongoing continuous improvement and real time dashboard analytics and feedback.

Key Features

  • Projects have required governance in order to move through the workflow
  • Role based reviews, signed off by only those with the responsibility
  • Dashboard and notifications for users outstanding reviews
  • Signed and dated reviews once approved
  • Audit Control
  • Lessons Learnt built in
  • RACI Management allowing for full allocation
  • Lessons Learnt for each stage of your project lifecycle
  • Governance & Reviews Manager
  • Risk & Opportunities Manager
  • Built in reports for more complex project provides detailed Risk Registers
  • Sharing information across stakeholders via dashboard access.
  • Alleviates concerns over inadequate Risk Reviews.
  • Provides clear allocation of risk at contract formation.
  • All risks clearly assigned to liable parties in the contract.
  • Retained risk allowance clearly visible.
  • Every user sees their actions and activities via their personalised dashboards on their smart phones.
  • Risk register automatically costed and shows delays.
  • Audit Control & Lessons Learnt
  • Unlimited Access for your core users
Governance & Risk

Enables Ethos of Predictable Outcome

Identify Risks

All types of Risks can be easily identified in a clear real time dashboard throughout the entire end to end lifecycle period.


Allocations of responsibility for resolving or mitigating these risks can be allocated early on so that they can be closed out appropriately.

Lead Person

Reduces the degree of uncertainty by identifying the risks, quantifying them, and assigning a lead person to coordinate the mitigation plan.


Post-delivery analytics to help assess if risks properly costed at eah milestone with built in organisational and lessons learnt to mitigate risks in the future.