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Limited Free Pilots Available

Limited Free Pilots Available

We are now able to offer a limited number of free pilots with a wide range of purpose-driven organisations as this will help ensure we experience the right critical challenges in a working environment, so we can improve the platform capability, develop a fuller suite of BI dashboards and test the built-in change management program.

We are an early stage start up committed to supporting organisations deliver a sustainable future, and have developed an end to end SaaS workplace platform called myConsole. Starting with an ESG assessment, myConsole creates an enterprise-wide ESG culture of aligned processes and behaviours by empowering people and teams to easily manage all your ESG projects and initiatives irrespective of workflow stages.

How this benefits you?

Evidence is mounting that performance increases for organisations that adopt environmental, social, and governance (ESG) processes and behaviours, significantly contributes to business success. By collaborating with us you can start re organising your business and operations around ESG factors they will not only enjoy the significant benefits that sustainable environment and culture brings but will start to achieve the desired performance increases much earlier.

We are able to offer 1 to 6 months zero cost pilots to certain key organisations from our target list below. The key criteria is a partner with a willing internal team who are wanting to operationalise implementation of their ESG culture across their current operations using cloud based technology.

We do hope recipients of the pilot when pleased with their teams aligned behaviours and culture will become a paying customer albeit there will be no obligation to do so.

Please do get in touch if you are one of the following:

  • A NFP Charity - large or small, National or International
  • An Institution or Association - wishing to engage across their membership
  • Impact Investment funds who want to have real time oversight of their funded programmes and projects
  • Organisations or agencies managing multiple development/ aid projects
  • Corporates - Large or small, National or International
  • Impact driven SMEs

As we share a common vision with 380 organizations at the core of Capitals Coalition global community we would like to share the progress, challenges, issues and successes we experience with helping you as this may help others, by creating case studies of clients who have achieved their desired performance expectations.

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