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ESG Starter platform

ESG Starter Platform

Drive ESG across your organisation by integrating all ESG approaches and activities in one platform that operationalises ESG to become your embedded core culture.
Manages all your ESG projects and ESG initiatives as an enterprise-wide portfolio.
Enables you to set annual ESG Goals & Target for any Frameworks and Standards that you wish to use and benchmark real time ESG performance.
Improve your ESG team's collaboration and coordinate all your ESG resources.
As data aggregation is in real-time you can generate a variety of reports as well as access a full set of BI dashboards for all your analytics. Our core platform also includes a built-in advisor and on-demand video training academy.

• Commercial Dashboards provide aggregated performance view of each project and/ or ESG initiatives
• Removes the need for spreadsheets
• Capture all key project data, location, and a variety of other metrics
• Provides real time overview of all your portfolio's projects and initiatives
Portfolio filtering e.g., Sectors, Region, Business Units, Project type etc.
• Ability to plan future monthly and annual desired impacts for each business unit
• Teams collaborate on any projects irrespective of locations
• Consistent set of purpose evaluation assessment factors
• Data is constantly being analysed in real-time, so dashboards and reports are always up to date

ESG Starter Platform

Visualise Reporting

Each user receives their own personalised set of dashboards.

Aligns to all Frameworks & Standards

Track and manage all indicators across any framework or standard.

Links Projects & Portfolios

Delivers aggregated outputs and consolidated insights.

Key Features

  • Portfolio Manager
  • ESG Team Resource Manager
  • Project Goal & Target Impact Manager
  • Annual Goal & Target Impact Planner
  • Target Report Generator
  • Built- in ESG Advisor
  • Alignment to all Frameworks
  • Geo locations map of all Projects
  • Commercial financial summary of each project
  • Manage ESG Budgets & ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Real-Time Commercial Dashboards
  • Real-Time Data Aggregation
  • BI Dashboards & Analytics
  • Built-in Training Academy
  • Built-in Collaboration Tools
  • Full mobility access via smart phones and tablets
  • Self-Service Customisation
  • Chat box across all projects & teams
  • On demand help & support videos

ESG Starter Platform

Impact Target Module

  • Allows all users to directly log impactful data & activities as they happen
  • Captures and coordinates all your data to achieve maximum impact
  • Creates goal/Impact and objectives of your project at the community, local, or national level
  • Identifies outcome results & define long-term changes in behaviour of project beneficiaries
  • Reports objectives & effect of intervention activities on beneficiaries and stakeholders
  • Visualise and share results with wider stakeholders - Use our configurable dashboards to visualise your latest programme information and even share it with partners and stakeholders.

Track Metrics

Track your key metrics on a project

Allocated Budgets

Allocate your project team and monitor budgetary spend

Customisable Goals

Customisable goals, targets and indicators


Track your achievement on your indicators project by project, month by month.