Your ESG Impact Workspace

myConsole is an SaaS/Enterprise cloud-based platform that delivers real-time analysis and reporting on the impact of all your ESG projects and targets within your portfolio, throughout their entire lifecycle.


  • Impact driven organisations
  • Social enterprises
  • Non-profit entities
  • NGO's on behalf of impact investment funds

Reach your goals

Using customisable performance dashboards, your Impact teams can set up overall portfolio objectives, such as the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) or personalised targets and indicators, then manage these across project milestones alongside a wide range of social and environmental performance dashboards.

myConsole is also customisable to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. and their various requirements. All your stakeholders can view, in real time, each project's contribution to overall targets and objectives.

As well as enabling users to monitor the environmental and social impact of your team's programmes, myConsole's customisable performance dashboards provide full due diligence, governance and compliance.

Additional modules can provide further insights specific to your programme, for example, to evaluate risks of implementation failure or the ongoing alignment of its impact throughout its implementation.

Manage Programmes

Manage wider funding programmes and performance outcomes and expectations

Align Programmes

Align a specific programme with desired project outcomes in sectors and segments

Track Project Progress

Track project progress across milestones

Real Time Monitoring

Enable real time evaluation, monitoring, management, and governance

Key Features Overview

myConsole enables your teams to:

  • Assess applicant M&E capacity and level of support needed to undertake activities
  • Have real-time management, monitoring and evaluation, including performance outcomes and expectations
  • Align specific programmes with desired projects outcomes in sectors and segments
  • Recreate existing due diligence, governance and compliance processes
  • Track, survey and capture target indicators across project milestones
  • Provide permission access to grantees and intervention partners for direct data collection
  • See real-time impact targets versus progress achieved to date
  • Gain organisational learning from across your business processes
  • View geo locations of your all project sites

Reduce Costs

By increasing efficiency and productivity

Valuable Insights

At every stage of your project and programme

Online Data

With real time information capture and analysis