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myConsole Certification Programme

Improve your ability to use, administrate and implement myConsole ESG Portfolio Management.

The myConsole Certification programme offers courses for new users to be able to use and administrate the platform as well as additional training for professional consultants to be able to successfully provide change management, implementation, and maintenance services to their clients of the myConsole ESG portfolio management and governance platform.

Your certification training journey starts here.

The myConsole Certification Programme offers courses for new users and consultants to ensure successful implementation and maintenance of the myConsole ESG portfolio Management Platform.
Start your journey with:
ESG User & ESG Administrator courses designed to help users learn the foundation elements of the myConsole platform and how to successfully manage set up further internal users and provide the wider administration capability.
ESG Implementation Professional course is specifically designed for our collaboration partners to deploy customer implementation programmes by providing further insights of key functionality and greater understanding and capability awareness to maintain and customise all functions.
Once you have completed these courses and passed the certification exams you will achieved pass certification designations.

myConsole Certification Program Now Online
Instructor-Led Virtual Training | ESG USER & ESG ADMINISTRATOR Certification
Register for a virtual certification course to learn how to use, implement and execute tasks in the myConsole platform with a guided step-by-step training course.

How to Get Certified

Earn your myConsole Certification in 3 easy steps. St by selecting the course that best fits your needs and level of experience. Next attend our half-days training courses led by our product training experts in preparation to take your exam within 30 days.
1. Choose your course
2. Attend an online training session
3. Pass your exam

myConsole ESG Certification Courses

myConsole ESG Certification is designed for those seeking to successfully learn, manage, maintain, and implement the full use of the myConsole platform. Each course is a 4-hour, half-day programme - They are designed to give users hands-on experience working on the myConsole platform. Upon completion of the course, participants can obtain their myConsole Certification by passing a 60-minute exam.
Our certifications help companies and consultants effectively establish and maintain up to date capabilities through the use of myConsole tools and best practices.
myConsole ESG Certification courses are currently available only online.


myConsole Certification courses are currently available only online.
Reach out to the myConsole Partner Team to learn how you can get a myConsole Training Consultant to deliver a virtual training programme to your whole team in one session.

myConsole Certification Renewal

The myConsole platform is constantly evolving with the latest enhancements and additional functionality, and as such, any myConsole certification is valid for one year. To renew your myConsole certification, there is no need to re-attend class. You only need to pass the latest version of your certification exam. Exam renewals are sent to certified individuals automatically as their one-year expiration date gets closer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an environment to complete exercises and work with the tool provide during the training? A training environment is created to duplicate the experience of the myConsole tool and has been populated with dummy data that we will be able to use.
How long will I have access to the training environment? You will have access to the training environment until the end of the day of class.
Will I receive some type of course completion/certification at the end of the course? After completion of the course, you will have 30 days to take the Certification Exam. Once you pass the myConsole Certification Exam you will receive a Certificate.
What do I need to bring to the training? Please bring a WIFI compatible laptop or device with a charger. This is to ensure you can fully participate in all our hands-on exercises.
How long will my certification be valid? 1 year. In 1 year you will get an email with a link to a new exam when it's time to renew.
How long is the myConsole Professional Certification training? Courses are virtual events hosted online over either one half-day programme or a two half day programme over two consecutive days.
After attending the course, how long will I have to take the exam? 30 days
What if I don't pass the exam? You have 2 attempts to take and pass the exam.
What is covered in the course? The half day-long course is a high-level overview of each one of our modules and how the myConsole tool delivers integrated ESG.
How do I prepare for the exam? Using the training videos in the platform, and any notes you have taken, you should be able to successfully complete the exam.
Can I share my Certification on social media? Yes! We'd love for you to share this accomplishment with your network. Tag us @MyConsoleLtd so we can celebrate with you!
How long after earning a certification will I be issued a certificate? Certificates are issued once per week. Please allow up to five (5) business days after earning a certification to receive the email to accept your certifciation.
My information on my certificate is incomplete or needs to be corrected. What do I do? If you need your information updated on your myConsole Training, please reach out to for assistance.