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How to Start Your ESG Journey

How to Start Your ESG Journey

Wednesday 17th November 2021

The challenges of addressing Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) issues is so much more than allocating roles and responsibilities, collecting data in spreadsheets and ticking lots of boxes. It's a mindset and a culture that starts with the leadership recognising ESG is simply an enormous opportunity for growth and a new lever to drive adoption of digital technology and embed the DNA of ESG across every part of the organisation.

We know that many leadership teams will be uncertain of where to start, what their purpose is, and how will they go about developing a plan of action that reflects their purpose. They will be worried whether their current experiences are sufficient to turn ESG principles and theory into a practical growth strategy that operationalises ESG into the business.

We know it is these sorts of issues that is often delaying many organisations from starting of their ESG journeys.

We know it will take the commitment of leadership to bring people and technology together to drive meaningful action and sustained outcomes for their stakeholders. So if you want to quickly gain insights into how you can move ESG theory into practical actions, and develop a purpose-led plan that enables you to start your ESG journey then book you Free ESG Assessment here. Let us help you take your first (or next step) along your ESG journey.

This is why offer a Free ESG Preview Assessment and Report so your leadership team gain an early insight in how your organisation currently scores across all key ESG topics and criteria.

What our free ESG assessment achieves:

  • Starts off your organisation's ESG journey
  • Provides a preview of the question topics
  • Clarifies the quantified / numerical data that will be requested.
  • Helps you start locating the data owned and held by others in your organisation
  • Enables a collaborative teambuilding opportunity around ESG
  • Data is automatically captured and collated via an email survey
  • Our BI tools consolidates and analyses data and responses in one report
  • Ability to capture your teams additional informed insights & priorities
  • Identifies your team's perceived strategies and challenges to overcome
  • Delivers your ESG Assessment report alongside recommended actions
  • Secures essential support required from your colleagues anywhere in your organisation

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