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How to Get ESG Started in Your Organisation

How to Get ESG Started in Your Organisation

Saturday 16th October 2021

With global ESG regulations continuing to become mandated over the next few years, more and more corporates and organisations will be prioritizing ESG initiatives so they can contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and ethical world, build wider stakeholder and customer trust, and deliver successful business and social outcomes.

However most companies ESG approaches are often ad hoc, siloed, and manual, mainly using disconnected spreadsheets. Ideally divisions, business units and departments will need to operate in a more co-ordinated and cohesive way so all internal stakeholders who own set targets and activities, can capture the data they create within one core ESG / Sustainability platform where it can be collated, curated, monitored, aggregated and reported on at local, board and C-Suite levels. This means that aggregated business wide analytics can easily be consolidated from across individual business units achievements.

However, it is not purely about target setting and reporting. While those tasks are important, they will be insufficient for organisations to be successful in adopting a sustainability culture.
The best way to achieve a sustainable culture is for the leadership team to empower ESG teams and people from around the organisation and empower them with the responsibilities to own the initiatives that have been identified that will create the highest measurable impacts.

Therefore leadership teams not only need to prioritise which of the broader ESG & sustainability themes are most material to the organisation but where will the responsibility resides. They will need to decide which issues should owned and managed by ESG teams or owned other parts of the businesses.

Effectively business and organisations now need to be able to connect their disparate ESG initiatives with their operational systems to scale their ESG efforts, meet their ESG goals, and support increasing stakeholder expectations for greater levels of transparency and disclosure.

The myConsole ESG solution, leverages a single data model so leaders and ESG teams can plan, manage, govern, and report in one ESG workflow Platform to help companies accomplish their ESG objectives.

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