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Reducing ESG Risks using the myConsole ESG portfolio platform.

Reducing ESG Risks using the myConsole ESG portfolio platform.

Wednesday 4th August 2021

The myConsole set of ESG tools and approaches helps public and private sector entities manage their climate risk exposure and optimize their adaptation and mitigation strategies.

All public and private organisations and entities are now having to face the impacts of climate change through growing policy, regulatory and stakeholder pressures. By adopting new cloud-based technologies, organisations can now transition their operations, address their ESG liability risks and deliver on internal and wider external stakeholder expectations. Given the speed at which these changes are happening, it is imperative that organisations start to manage and become better informed of their operational impacts and gain a greater understanding of their Environmental Social and Governance through collecting and monitoring their own data to make better decisions and engage on strategies to mitigate an orderly adaptation to this new challenging environment.


myConsole transitions existing operational behaviours and activities into robust qualitative and quantitative approaches that identify, measure, and manage their overall exposure to ESG risks across any project, initiatives, portfolios and programmes.

Our comprehensive set of impact tools and processes leverages ESG knowledge, with pan-industry change-management expertise. We have designed the platform to work across a wide range of leading frameworks and standards which will deliver advanced BI analytics and disclosure reporting that help our clients in four key ways:

  • Building capabilities, processes, and governance to integrate ESG into decision making
  • Assessing and analysing physical and transitional risks, prioritising them based on potential impact
  • Evaluating using globally recognised frameworks and standards to quantify potential impact
  • Offering powerful BI reporting to aid mitigation strategies and disclosures

myConsole can easily restructure your entire portfolio by enabling you to undertake an ESG preview score across all your stakeholders and supply chain members. Our technology encourages your team to continuously assess and monitor sustainability scoring of all your project's lifecycles at each workflow stage so that you can focus priorities on short-cycle, lower-cost projects and programmes. By breaking things down, you have real-time insights and alignment across all project lifecycles and overall objectives.