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myConsole is a cloud-based collaboration software solution for all work winning activity,

developed specifically for the Construction Industry.

Save time and increase win rates

Collaboration software specialised for work winning in the construction industry

myConsole is a digital tool designed to overcome the largest challenges in winning work; low win ratios and high bid costs.

After 25 years of helping major construction companies improve their win rates up to 1 in 2 through specialist consulting programmes, that unique insight is now contained in myConsole software.

Informed by the Bid Cost Research conducted between MarketingWorks and Reading University in 2003 and 2014, myConsole is collaboration software that provides work winning best practice templates and guidance to help get win rates to 1 in 2. It also provides the added benefit of making the work winning process much more efficient.

myConsole is unique in the way it incorporates a cognitive approach to work winning in construction, where insights are identified on the whole pipeline and on individual bids to make sure bids with little chance of success are aborted early and the resources are channelled to bids with higher chance of winning. The software mirrors high performance work winning behaviour, so helps generate the right type of discipline in an easy to use cloud-based platform.

The combination of end to end bid management support in a collaboration tool which promotes high performance work winning behaviour leads directly to increased profits through increased bid winning and greater internal efficiencies.

Cognitive Approach to Work Winning Software

Specialised Construction Industry Work Winning Templates

Informed Decision Making with Real-Time Dashboard Analytics

Real Time Financial Control of Pipeline with Planning Functionality

Risk Profiling with myConsole WinScore

Optimise Revenue Potential with Key Client Management Functionality

Centralised Control with Framework Management Functionality

Pipeline Management with Integrated CRM Functionality

Who benefits from myConsole?

Our digital tools present new opportunities to improve bidding procedure for all levels of work winning roles, from your Executive Board to every member of the Bid Team.

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