Workflow Productivity Software for Pre-construction

myConsole is an end to end business improvement
and collaboration platform that wins you more work

How do we help?

For 25 years our specialist consulting programme has helped major construction companies to increase their win rates to 1 in 2. We've taken these unique insights and turned them into specialist bid management software myConsole.

myConsole was informed by research and specifically designed for the construction industry. The intelligence engine increases the efficiency of your team to overcome low win ratios and high bid costs.

Designed to work in tandem with BIM, focusing on Pre-Construction to provide work winning teams intelligent information sourcing and relationship building.

Business Intelligence software provides:
- Work winning best practice templates
- Guidance through the tender management process.
- Increase win rates to 1 in 2,
- Improved efficiency across all stages.
- Fully compliant with BS 1192:2007.


Intelligently focus your resources

myConsole uniquely incorporates a cognitive approach to work winning and bid management in construction. Identifying insights across the pipeline on all individual bids.
Alerting you to abort poor success bids early; to re-direct resources into tenders with higher chances of winning.

End-to-end bid management support collaboration software promotes high-performance work winning behaviour, leading directly to increased profits.

Who benefits from myConsole?

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