Streamlines your entire organisation

myConsole streamlines your entire organisation's current operational systems, culture, behaviours and management approaches within one lifecycle solution.

How? By recreating your entire operational environment in the cloud utilising a suite of add-ons to myConsole's core solution, the ESG Portfolio manager.

Highly scalable

As your organisation grows, the platform is able to grow with you. Why? Because myConsole is fully customisable enabling you to implement additional modules to recreate your entire organisations current operational systems in the cloud. This allows you to seamlessly integrate your culture, behaviours, and management approaches as one streamlined end-to-end lifecycle solution.

Alignment to set development goals

Provides alignment to your own LogFrames, as well as the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). All grants, assessments, mitigations, risk exposure and targeted outcomes can also be aligned to the UN's SDGs.

Instant data at your fingertips

myConsole is accessible 24/7 through any mobile device, to evaluate, organise, manage and demonstrate how their business practices and performance are contributing to the targeted ESG and SDG goals.

Agility through continuous learning

Built-in organisational learning via milestone and mid-delivery reviews provide feedback analytics to allow for lessons to be captured so enabling organisations to continually improve operations.