Fully integrated collaboration software that creates efficiencies

myConsole easily integrates with your finance, CRM and ERP systems. With your team working in one system, each worker stops duplicated effort. Proven to save half a day a week by freeing time for more successful bid submissions.

With inbuilt reviews and governance, it is no longer the role of pre-construction managers to micro-manage or monitor the team. myConsole consistently prompts reviews and gateways.

- Complete digital bid coach for entire work winning cycle

- Real time dashboard insight on winnability of entire pipeline

- Team morale dramatically improves through consistent 1 in 2 win rates

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How myConsole Benefits Bid Teams

Bid Teams

myConsole is a personalised cloud based console to reduce the silos, inefficiencies and time wasted on unsuccessful bidding.

How myConsole Benefits Divisional Directors

Divisional Directors

myConsole revitalises a winning mentality. For the management team, a customisable dashboard and reports system allows for instantaneous forecasting and key metric analysis.

How myConsole Benefits The Board

The Board

myConsole offers up to 50% increase in margin, through lowering bid cost and increasing win rates. A safe, simple and certain investment to future proof your business.