Collaboration software that delivers results

Through incorporating the latest cloud advances, the potential to radically improve Work Winning is immense. Here is how myConsole can help you.

Follow the right opportunity

With a track record of improving client win rates from 1 in 5 to 1 in 2, we have integrated 25 years of specialised construction industry knowledge into algorithms unique to the myConsole collaboration software

The myConsole WinScore, enables an instant insight into whether you can win a bid or not, and identifies what actions you need to undertake to improve the probability of winning.

You can therefore very quickly make informed decisions to pursue those bids with the highest win-potential and abort those that will drain your bid costs, your bid team resources and morale.

Key Benefits of myConsole Collaboration “Work Winning” Software for Construction Industry

Creates Time

myConsole aims to save each user 20% of their time, so that's one day a week.

It connects with all current systems being used to give your team access to a transparent, real-time map of your bid in process from a singular source of truth.

With all collected data in one place there is a significant increase in productivity, any unnecessary pressure is extinguished and decision making is inherently quicker, easier and more effective.

Key Benefits of myConsole Collaboration “Work Winning” Software for Construction Industry

Informed Decision Making

Using unique insight and data analytics to focus your business potential, and using built-in best practice behaviours; myConsole aligns and drives winning behaviours across the whole team.

Whether working on a single bid or multiple bids; the key client relationship development activities create an actual project you can now work on in a virtual collaborative environment, enabling any new team member to insert themselves into a high-functioning team with minimal training. The built-in guidance and checklists prompt critical next steps to ensure successful work winning submissions.

Key Benefits of myConsole Collaboration “Work Winning” Software

Grow Profit Margins

Where work winning can amount to up to an average of 4% of turnover, by increasing win rates up to 1:2 and reducing bid spend on bids that myConsole has alerted your team to aborting, our collaboration platform can give significant opportunity for increased net profits.

By investing the time saved from efficiencies into new bids that have been green-lit, the annual increase in your net profit is predicted to be over 70%.

Key Benefits of myConsole Collaboration “Work Winning” Software for Construction Industry

Who benefits from myConsole?

Every member of the team has their own set of personalised dashboards which are designed to give every individual or team member access to their work load ensuring a single source of truth across all levels of pre-construction roles, and as everyone has their own dashboards this automatically improves bid management efficiency, data consistency, for every member of your business unit as well as the leadership of all functions and all levels.