Insights on all levels of the tender management process

myConsole revitalises a winning mentality. For the management team, instantaneous forecasting and key metric analysis can dramatically empower your decision making

myConsole does everything your other software and CRM does - and more. Offering one system, designed around your business, this collaboration tool offers background insight to help inform front end decisions.

- Client-centric focus

- Instant feedback

- Dashboard reporting on achieved activities make forecasting realistic and attainable

- Set your business unit goals, automatically triggering the pipeline performance metrics

- Get an intelligent overview of operations, margins and successes.

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How myConsole Benefits Pre Construction Managers

Pre-Construction Managers

myConsole offers huge improvements to co-operative working practices, operational vision of your pipeline opportunities, and a personalised bid coach for each member of your team.

How myConsole Benefits Bid Teams

Bid Teams

myConsole is a personalised cloud based console to reduce the silos, inefficiencies and time wasted on unsuccessful bidding.

How myConsole Benefits The Board

The Board

myConsole offers up to 50% increase in margin, through lowering bid cost and increasing win rates. A safe, simple and certain investment to future proof your business.