Collaboration software that manages the bid process

myConsole is personalised cloud based software with unique tools to manage work winning processes

Available anywhere, it reduces time spent catching up, and transfers your time with the client to writing bid proposals instantaneously.

- Improved efficiency, consistency and submission outcomes

- Personalised console access to allocated bids for seamless bid management

- Built-in bid strategies suggest improvement actions

- CRM led design, so minimal training required

- Dramatically improves collaboration

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How myConsole Benefits Pre Construction Managers

Pre-Construction Managers

myConsole offers huge improvements to co-operative working practices, operational vision of your pipeline opportunities, and a personalised bid coach for each member of your team.

How myConsole Benefits Divisional Directors

Divisional Directors

myConsole revitalises a winning mentality. For the management team, a customisable dashboard and reports system allows for instantaneous forecasting and key metric analysis.

How myConsole Benefits The Board

The Board

myConsole offers up to 50% increase in margin, through lowering bid cost and increasing win rates. A safe, simple and certain investment to future proof your business.