The Future of Proposal Managers

How technology will impact on roles, functions and behaviours. See themes explored below:

  • Changing role in archiving data of actual performance on past bid and delivered projects
  • Real time access to historic project performance to use in PQQ's and ITT's
  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) i.e. improving persuasiveness of submission narratives
  • Real time automatic capture, development and access to case studies and testimonials
  • New roles and responsibilities for governance and reviews across workflows & stage gates
  • Using Submission Management tools and dashboard with built in scoring status for each current question response
  • Levering collaboration tools that aide submission management across allocated questions and responses
  • Proving client alignment with proven performance metrics rather that long written narratives
  • Providing website submissions with embedded videos and menus to drill down in any area
  • Accessing KPI's data of past projects to support requirements for current bids