The Future of Key Client Management

The Future of Key Client Management
  • Using cloud tech tools that enables client teams to create and implement effective key client management activity plans
  • Real-time collaboration across all business units, teams and individuals irrespective of geographies.
  • Accessing built-in key client relationship management techniques to drive behaviours that will improve service quality in a planned and managed fashion.
  • Monitoring of client team/ design team & all stakeholders' individual & project needs, values & objectives
  • Using dashboards that links performance reporting key client fiscal target and an improved pipeline of work load
  • Monitoring real time service quality in a planned and managed way
  • Real time monitoring of every client income and profit performance
  • Relationship measurement scoring that signposts any improved inter-company relationships and collaboration
  • Monitoring increases in business as a whole wins, across all skills groups and business units
  • Cloud base collaboration of delivery teams to become more efficient and effective in work winning
  • Providing integrated approaches, underpinned by real time access to dynamic information
  • Capturing and monitoring all metrics to allow constant learning
  • Sharing high level dashboard insights across external clients and stakeholders
  • Automatic creation of case study capture throughout entire workflow