The Future of Framework Management

How technology will impact on roles, functions and behaviours. See themes explored below :

  • Need to demonstrate real-time productivity and efficiency gains for entire Framework
  • Leveraging KPI data to improve decision making for contractors and clients
  • Demand for real-time smart risk register across the supply chain and during delivery
  • Requirements for real-time delivery of end user outcomes and delivers on outcomes
  • Ability to demonstrate alignment of end client's objectives, needs, values and project requirements throughout the procurement process
  • Increase in real-time feedback on Framework quality, time, financial and project management
  • Demands for visibility by Framework organisations of Gateway Reviews, Approvals, Governance and lessons learnt
  • More monitoring of Progress, Close out and Performance scoring criteria through pre and post construction
  • Framework organisations will want more confidence contractor leadership shares framework vision
  • More analytics on whole-life performance and asset management
  • Requirement of remote access to monitor tendering activities through all gateways
  • More real-time monitoring of supply chain performance to capture improved performance
  • Using dashboards to measure direct performance against client's original requirements
  • Using ML for selectivity of preferred supply chain earlier in the process
  • More assessment of alternative competitor bid solutions
  • Framework Organisations to provide supply chains with access to an interactive procurement dashboard tool for performance metric capture