The Future of Bid Team Members

How technology will impact on roles, functions and behaviours. See themes explored below:

  • More leverage of real-time predictive analytics and data insights
  • More professionalism at data manipulation
  • Need to leverage a wide convergence of software tools to demonstrate ideas
  • Need to have full mobility of working anywhere and anytime 24/7 as not tied to one office
  • Being informed by own individual dashboards that improve motivation and momentum
  • More cloud collaboration for any bid and any bid team at any workflow stage via chat boxes
  • Being able to bring in any key external individuals with critical skills
  • Growth of highly visible bid superstars as individual star performers
  • Recognition of increased visibility across all work winning & bidding functions
  • Increase in bid specialists on clients / sectors / procurement routes and delivery approaches
  • More monitoring of win plan alignment to actual delivery performance, post submission
  • Continued involvement post-handover i.e. ensuring data capture of delivered KPI's
  • Having additional roles for data collation / collection and data administration
  • Need knowledge and ability to access a wide range of tech platforms
  • Will undertake all workflow stage gates reviews and governance in real-time
  • Estimators closer connectivity via dashboards for elemental cost analysis and feedback