The Future of Bid Management

How Technology Will Impact Roles, Functions and Behaviours.

Themes explored in webinar:

  • Being able to respond to leadership demands for justification of bid costs and spend
  • Using machine learning (ML) to constantly improve selectivity, win rates and bid team performance
  • Leveraging real-time access to intelligence of client needs and objectives
  • Using tools that automatically prepare win plans for bid launch events
  • Using digital insights to improve client and consultant stakeholder team centricity
  • Sharing critical intelligence collaboratively to draw out better win themes
  • Automatically turning final win plans into project execution plans
  • Using past performance analytics from CV's to choose teams and people
  • Using real-time RACI roles and responsibilities for governance and reviews
  • Using marginal gains learning to constantly improve performance of individuals and bid teams
  • Leading a bid team using cloud collaboration technology
  • Measuring the profitability of pipelines by winnability
  • Analysing various alternative risk scenarios in real-time