Each webinar will explore in detail how new digital technology will impact on every different roles involved across business development and pre-construction, as well as aligned changes in behaviours and function.

By 2025 the world of work winning and bid management will look and feel very different. The rate of change is primarily dependent on the level of technology adoption by each industry. Some industries were quick off the mark, and others such as construction and infrastructure have lagged but they too now have increased awareness of the significant gains digital platforms can deliver in terms of productivity and performance.

New technologies in BIM, 5D modelling, 3D printing and the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are speeding up enormous change in project delivery, but there is still a need for firms to rethink their front-end pre-construction business processes. Firms can use new technology on streamlining their existing work winning approaches, therefore improving revenue and margins.   For example, many businesses still rely on numerous paper / Word forms and Excel spreadsheets to manage their bidding workflows. Often there are around 50 separate non-integrated elements. Given that these traditional bidding activities always hold duplicate data (and often inconsistences) across the entire business process. It is these legacy systems that are ripe for change as by 2025 contractors will have just one consistent streamlined and efficient process that enables informed decision making based on a single source of truth for every user across work winning.

In this series of webinars, Philip Collard, CEO of myConsole, will share insights of how new technology will impact on the future roles, functions, and behaviours of contractors in the construction and infrastructure industry. The intent is to inform people and firms to become more tech-savvy and avoid the struggle in rethinking and then creating their own integrated intelligent processes.


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The Future of Bid Management Friday 11th October 3pm Sign Up!
The Future of Proposal Managers Thursday 24th October 10am Sign Up!
The Future of Business Unit Leadership Thursday 7th November 10am Sign Up!
The Future of the Executive Board and Leadership Team Thursday 21st November 10am Sign Up!
The Future of Bid Team Members Thursday 5th December 10am Sign Up!
The Future of Framework Management Thursday 19th December 10 am Sign Up!
The Future of Key Client Management Thursday 16th January 10am Sign Up!