Tactical Business Planning

The Tactical Business Planning Module is designed for both group wide and single business unit planning. It monitors progress of strategic and tactical leadership vision of sector and service planning objectives, details of quarterly revenue and margin targets for all forward planning as well as previous years achievements. Dashboard reporting provide real time analytics across individual and group wide business units providing graphic insights of annual forecasts, sales to date, sales gap margins, as well as margin estimate/ gap and forecast to date all fully aligned with your actual pipeline, so you can immediately see where you need to apply resources and effort to meet planned targets. It delivers:

• Business unit strategic and tactical plans to coordinate and manage implementation of the business plan
• Tactical plans to manage and grow specific sectors, frameworks or clients
• Supports and mentor's business development teams in effective tactical pursuit behaviours and approaches
• Provides both dashboard reporting structures that ensure clear and appropriate reporting
• Enables leadership confidence that opportunities are being nurtured to give more certainty of the future pipeline.
• Provide opportunities for leaders to improve management decisions, develop services and business winning models.