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Support Packages

Our myConsole Support Packages

As the key challenge to implementing and adopting an ESG Culture is the success in capturing, curating, and processing quality data, we offer a range of support packages to help your nominated ESG managers and administration teams to discover how to get their ESG journey started when using our ESG platform. Our myConsole experts will help your ESG teams initiate the steps in defining, creating, and achieving your ESG culture adoption, maintain momentum and then go on to reporting and disclosing your ESG and sustainability progress.


Support Packages

1. Getting started
We provide your ESG team with practical help and support to get them started in creating your ESG/ sustainability objectives, strategies & budgets including how to involve ESG project sponsors and leveraging early adopters for each initiative

2. Gain Momentum -Agreeing targets, goals & activities
myConsole experts now help your ESG team agree your targets, goals, indicators and how to set up activities for each project, with realistic target achievement dates. We provide support for your ESG team to identify the right information to initiate projects aligned to your ESG objectives. We show them how they can gain momentum in monitoring, managing, and capturing impact data across all their projects, programmes initiatives and portfolios

3. Maintain Momentum - Reporting & Disclosures
Our latter support now helps your teams maintain the momentum they have achieved in the platform to date, so they are able to evaluate, analyse and report disclosures as well as additionally being informed in how they can continuously improve their organisations adoption process using feedback reports and gleaned insights readily available within myConsole from across all your ESG and Sustainable processes.

Impact Performance Improvement & Reporting

  • myConsole's Built in ESG change management programme - We have built into the myConsole platform a complete "how to" ESG / Sustainability Change Management Programme which together with our support solutions helps your ESG team to quickly raise their efficiency and effectiveness in how data is captured, analysed and reported. This powerful combination empowers and aides your ESG managers and ESG Admin teams to firstly get started and then to maintain momentum and always stay in control.

  • myConsole Built in ESG training academy - The platform also provides on demand explainer videos in how to use each one of the full range of available integrated tools so your team can easily refresh themselves instantly on "how to use" the entire platform. Additionally, we are also adding wider on demand training videos on sustainability and ESG best practice so each myConsole users can be personally better informed in the how's and why's of ESG and sustainability so that each user can personally drive forward on their own individual part of your organisations wider ESG goals, objectives and cultural adoption.

Stay up to speed

Our consultancy support programme will also help organisations gain control of their ability to keep up with the evolving ESG disclosure requirements, trends, and stakeholder requests for information.

Package 1. Getting started

We provide your ESG team with practical help and support to get them started in creating your ESG/ sustainability objectives, strategies & budgets including how to involve ESG project sponsors and leveraging early adopters for each initiative

£500 for 10 hours support paid in advance

If you are just getting started on your ESG / sustainability journey, we will help you set objectives consider which strategies are relevant & decide budgets.
You will learn how to use the platform so you can:

  • Develop your overall ESG plan
  • Plan your Annual Objectives, Strategies and Budgets
  • Consider which Framework and Standard to adopt
  • Identify project sponsors and work out budgets and priorities
  • Setting up your project lifecycles & workflows
  • Setting up your Stakeholders, Teams
  • Consider the range of possible Impact targets
  • Set-up your ESG and Impact project's, initiatives, programmes & portfolio's
  • Use the built in "how to" Change Management Programme
  • Helping others to use the Built-in Training Academy
  • Helping other to use the Built in Collaborator

Package 2. Gaining Momentum

Support that helps you agree your targets, goals, indicators and setting up activities for each project, with realistic target achievement dates. This package supports the execution of your ESG objectives and improvements across all your projects programmes initiatives and portfolios

£500 for 10 hours support paid in advance

A key requirement of ESG and Sustainability is to set up your project and initiatives indicators and sub indicators from your chosen Framework and Standards* so you can use these key indicators to start measuring and managing your impacts across, for example, carbon, energy and reducing waste
We will help you identify, create and initiate projects for example that will:

  • Reduce your carbon emissions and carbon footprint approaches
  • Reducing and monitoring water usage
  • Help you use renewable energy
  • Take a circular economy approach to product development
  • Enlist your wider team to contribute to ESG / sustainability efforts
  • Enlist your supply chain

You will learn how to use the platform so you can:

  • Establish confirmed project targets, goals values and outcomes
  • Set up activities for each project and allocate roles and responsibilities across your organisation
  • Undertake Sustainability Assessment Scores
  • Fully consider and record identified project Risks & Opportunities
  • Manage the ongoing implementation across your organisation
  • Collaborate effectively to gain the support required from your colleagues around the organisation

Package 3. Maintaining Momentum - Reporting & Disclosure

Support that helps you monitor, evaluate and start reporting disclosures and informs how to continuously improve using feedback from across all your ESG and Sustainable processes
£500 fee and get 10 hours support paid in advance

Our consultancy programme together with the platform supports your ESG team to maintain momentum and to start report disclosures from achievements from implemented strategy and monitoring activities so you can now undertake reporting and learn from feedback.
You will learn how to use the platform so you can:

  • Monitoring your key indicators to start evaluating your impact
  • Setting up Governance, Reviews & Lessons Learnt manager
  • Creating activity Roles & Responsibilities & allocations
  • Includes creating two tailored dashboards to your requirements
  • Undertake Surveys and collate date
  • Using your commercial dashboards
  • Creating BI Analytics Reports
  • Governance, Reviews & Lessons Learnt manager
  • Documents, Prompts & Checklists Manager

System Set Up

Support that trains your system administrator/s and set ups and configures myConsole to your needs.
Costs £500
This package includes a one-off migration of all your company's existing ESG data into your platform. It provides all training to your admin team so they can establish your bespoke ESG processes and manage quality control successfully. Includes introduction to advanced BI dashboards and how automation delivers data-driven insights for decision-making.
You will learn how to set up the platform so you can:

  • Undertake the administration role for the company
  • Configure the platform to your requirements
  • Undertake further Self-Service customisations
  • Access, Create and Add new training materials to the built-in Training Academy
  • Create bespoke "Tool Tips" across the platform to aide navigation for your team
  • Set up other users
  • Support other users
  • Access chat box desk support
  • Create Real Time data management reports and analytics

This package includes a one-off legacy data migration from your spreadsheets or existing reporting solutions.
We can align to any Global Standards and Framework you require but we provide as standard alignment with the UN SDGs targets and indicators. Whilst most frameworks currently seem to be free our pricing does not include any additional or future Standards & Framework licensing costs. However, in the interest of transparency all such additional fees will be provided at cost to our customers.
Note set up of ongoing API Connectivity and more in-depth system customisation starts is at £150 per hour

Extend Access

Ability to extend access to grantees and intervention partners and stakeholders

Build Impact

Helps you build impact relevant measurement capability

Avoids Complex Data

Survey tool avoids burden of complex data collection

Impact Data

Easy collection of impact data that aligns with aligned objectives