Monitoring and Evaluation Impact Manager

Monitoring and Evaluation Impact Manager

myConsole enables the development of your indicator plan using drop downs to incorporate desired results, goals with aligned indicators into the platform. Once completed you will be able to collect data and monitor your progress. Our impact manager allows you to assign and allocate activities to individual team members whose role and responsibility is to action that activity needed to be delivered through your project in order It is usually displayed in a box-and-arrow tree diagram with different levels, each representing a distinct change achieved through your project intervention.

The platform enables your compliance team to work in collaboration with field facing and back-office teams and enable operational leadership to continuously develop and refine policies and procedures in response to changing requirements, emerging risks, and practical experience.

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Key Features

  • Captures and coordinates all your social investment data to achieve maximum impact
  • Creates goal/Impact and objectives of your project at the community, local, or national level
  • Identifies outcome results & define long-term changes in behaviour of project beneficiaries
  • Reports Outputs & effect of intervention activities on beneficiaries and stakeholders
  • Allocates all activities, actions and inputs to be conducted directly by the project team
  • Allows all users to directly log impactful activities as they happen
  • Collects aligned Social Value data with your community's investment objectives
  • Reports Social Value contribution by project, asset, location, and a variety of other metrics
  • Provides real time insights of how your social investments are achieving their objectives
  • Planning tool enables you to create individual indicator plans
  • Customised dashboards for every team role
  • Team Alerts and Reminders
  • Access Document Management & File on the move
  • Project and Expense Tracking
  • Project Planning
  • Track multiple projects impacts
  • Provides aggregated views of how each of your partnerships are performing
  • Provides governance and compliance across life cycle workflows and social value progress

Transparency and accountability

  • Simplifies monitoring and evaluation so you can manage a complete indicator workflow in one comprehensive module.
  • Create a results framework and build an indicator plan to track your program's performance with full clarity from data collection in the field to reporting your results
  • Track all the impacts you are creating and view the overall performance of key initiatives and projects at local, national, and global levels
  • Measures all your different project's impacts and performance across multiple sites and categories
  • Set indicators and targets on each project with the ability to allocated actions to team members
  • All your team gets their own personalised dashboard of their assign activities across the portfolio
  • Dashboard aggregated view provides up to the minute views of progress across entire portfolio goals.
  • Helps you create the impacts your organisation has set out to achieve
  • Indicators can belong to multiple portfolios, giving you the flexibility to view your aggregated impact by location, sector theme, or any bespoke criteria you require.

Tracking goals and Indicator across different projects

  • Set indicators and targets for each project and portfolio. Each portfolio can have as many indicators as you wish. Link any project indicators to your portfolio indicator and aggregate the contributions from your projects in real-time.
  • Track your organisation's actual progress against the set goals in real-time.
  • Portfolio filters enable your teams to organise, track and monitor in real-time the progress of multiple interventions in one place.
  • Instantly see aggregate analysed data across all objectives you have to report against.
  • Use the built-in range of dashboards to monitor a wide range of Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)
  • Efficiency Indicators and Reporting periods as your process efficiency indicators to become the basis for monitoring and reporting on your team's performance.

Personalised activity dashboards

  • Personalised activity dashboards help your team stay focused on their project's goals and objectives, so they can address issues and risks as they arise, allocate activities / resources effectively, to ensure delivery of greater impact.
  • Teams can collaborate in the platform to share findings and insights with colleagues and learning.
  • Automates end-to-end processes to make them faster and more effective and capture greater evidence of the impact for reporting to stakeholders.
  • myConsole is a robust monitoring and evaluation system that will capture reliable data, facilitate learning, and help in formulating remedial measures that will allow you to implement successful interventions
  • Measure the results in real time to stay on top of all interventions

Visualise and share results with wider stakeholders

Use our configurable dashboards to visualise your latest programme information and even share it with partners and stakeholders.

Extend Access

Ability to extend access to grantees and intervention partners

Build Impact

Helps your grantees build impact relevant measurement capability

Avoids Complex Data

Avoids burdening grantees with complex data collection

Impact Data

Enable grantees to collect impact data that aligns with aligned objectives