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Impact Target & Tasks

Impact Target & Tasks

  • Allows all users to directly log impactful data & activities as they happen
  • Captures and coordinates all your data to achieve maximum impact
  • Creates goal/Impact and objectives of your project at the community, local, or national level
  • Identifies outcome results & define long-term changes in behaviour of project beneficiaries
  • Reports objectives & effect of intervention activities on beneficiaries and stakeholders
  • Hyperlink access to all your essential documents in your existing document management system
  • Track and assign all project tasks

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Impact Target & Tasks

Key Features

  • Track your primary and wider stakeholders needs and objectives for each project
  • Allocate your project team and monitor budgetary spend
  • Customisable goals, targets and indicators
  • Track your achievement on your indicators project by project, month by month.
  • Assign tasks with due dates to your project team, giving detail and background
  • Team members are notified and able to check off tasks when completed
  • Move your projects through your project lifecycle

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ESG Performance Improvement

  • Allocates all activities, actions and inputs to be conducted directly by the project team
  • Provides real time insights of how your initiatives are achieving their objectives
  • Planning tool enables you to create individual indicator plans
  • Identifies poor performing initiatives for improvement interventions
  • Provides aggregated time and cost impact productivity insights on every project and initiative
  • Built in flexibility to adapt to your organisation's workflows
  • Helps teams to prioritise deliver of impact to areas of maximum impact need
  • Each user has own roles and responsibilities dashboard detailing all their assigned actions and activities
  • Users can access operational processes, documents, prompts & checklists
  • Task tracking and reminders
  • Gain organisational learning from each review.
  • Team Alerts and Reminders

Visualise and share results with wider stakeholders

Use our configurable dashboards to visualise your latest programme information and even share it with partners and stakeholders.

Extend Access

Ability to extend access to wider stakeholders and supply-chain

Build Impact

Helps your stakeholders improve their relevant ESG performance

Avoids Complex Data

Survey tool avoids burden of complex data collection

Impact Data

Easy collection of impact data that aligns with aligned objectives