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Free ESG Assessment

Free ESG Assessment

FREE ESG Assessment

To start your ESG journey we recommend you first undertake an assessment and gain an early insight in how your organisation currently scores across all key ESG topics and criteria.
What our free ESG assessment achieves:

  • Starts off your organisation's ESG journey
  • Provides a preview of the question topics
  • Clarifies the quantified / numerical data that will be requested.
  • Helps you start locating the data owned and held by others in your organisation
  • Enables a collaborative teambuilding opportunity around ESG
  • Data is automatically captured and collated via an email survey
  • Our BI tools consolidates and analyses data and responses in one report
  • Ability to capture your teams additional informed insights & priorities
  • Identifies your team's perceived strategies and challenges to overcome
  • Delivers your ESG Assessment report alongside recommended actions
  • Secures essential support required from your colleagues anywhere in your organisation

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What myConsole enables you to deliver

Effectively myConsole provides the processes, tools, and support for your organisation to deliver commitments to a broad range of stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and, of course, shareholders which enables:

  • Communicating the company's performance to different stakeholders.
  • Linking and reporting the connections between ESG / sustainability, operational and financial performance
  • Demonstrating credible accountability through coherent commitments, actions, and performance.
  • Showing continuous improvement through real-time measurement, management, and reporting
  • Demonstrating that leadership is managing ESG issues most material to the business

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