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ESG Workplace

ESG Workplace

  • Enables ESG alignment assessments on each of your stakeholders and supply chain members
  • Provides ability to undertake sustainability assessments on each project or initiatives progress toward causing no harm to people and the environment
  • Commercial Dashboards provide aggregated performance view of each project and/ or ESG initiatives
  • Removes the need for spreadsheets and manual data collection
  • Provide capture of key project data, location, and a variety of other metrics
  • Provides ESG preview score of how each of your Stakeholders are aligned to ESG
  • Provides aggregated views of how each of your Stakeholders are performing
  • Provides real time overview of all your portfolio's programmes and projects
  • Ability to plan future monthly and annual desired impacts for each business unit
  • Ability to measure progress against your future strategic targets for next seven years
  • Provides breakdown of business and financial plans per sectors by quarterly targets
  • Update or enter new data and effectively progress their work across workflows
  • Consistent set of evaluation assessment factors
  • Ability to draw relevant information and reports anytime and anywhere
  • Data is constantly being analysed in real-time, so dashboards and reports are always up to date
  • Built- in CRM enables ability to manage all supply chain partners, donors, programmes, grant applicants and wider stakeholder information in one centralized database

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ESG Workplace

Key Features

  • Unlimited number of projects and portfolios
  • Dashboard set up for each user
  • Full mobility access via smart phones and tablets
  • Pipeline / portfolio management of all active projects
  • Pipeline filtering e.g. Sectors, Region, Business Units, programmes type etc
  • Data Collection tool
  • Easy to customise assessment drop downs and weightings
  • Commercial financial summary of each project / programme
  • Predictive graphical analytics against turnover and margin
  • Built-in customisable lifecycle workflows with stage gateway approval manager
  • Teams collaborate on specific projects and initiative irrespective of locations,
  • Import data from our open API
  • Predictive Dashboards / analytics of historic and portfolio performance
  • Disclosures Reporting Manager
  • Powerful Self Service Control Panel
  • Chat box across all projects & teams
  • Geo locations map of all Projects
  • On demand help & support videos
  • Integrate with existing software solutions
  • Built-in Training Academy for training videos and checklists

Clarity, transparency and accuracy

  • Our Sustainability and ESG assessment management tools increases the clarity, transparency, and accuracy of reporting to programme leadership.
  • Manage and maintain a centralised portfolio of key programmes and project data
  • Strengthens due diligence, monitoring, reporting and overall management.
  • Customisable sustainability assessment tool to evaluate alignment more efficiently
  • Provides stakeholders with immediate access to accurate programme information.
  • Reduce errors and inefficiencies in data input and record keeping.
  • Access real time budget information.
  • Adhere to terms and conditions aided by system compliance rules.
  • Have a more rigorous and traceable due diligence process.
  • Provide evidence-based consistent insights

Visualise Reporting

Using personalised dashboards

Filter Grants

By programmes, sectors, theme, contracts, focus area, donors, partners, regions, teams or your own bespoke classification

Consolidated Portfolios

For projects you want to track together

Real Time Data

Using built in data collection forms and easy data imports