Assessment Manager

Assessment Manager

Streamlines your grant assessment and management processes using a customisable assessment evaluation scoring tool.

Using a customisable range of assessment criteria, with built in weightings, it is possible to evaluate your grants more efficiently and produce a consistent assessment score.

This not only speeds up the grant award cycle by using optimized best practices processes but also means grantee awards can be properly assessed in real time as they proceed through the application milestones.

Automated assessment and evaluation also enables more consistent reporting to stakeholders.


Key Features

  • Monitor and manage grants and project progress across all milestones
  • Gain organisational learning from each review.
  • Easy to customise assessment drop downs and weightings
  • Track all tasks, actions and activities allocated to each team member
  • Seamless milestone transfers of data through pre- and post-awards
  • Instant visibility and reporting of Sponsor Funder Programmes
  • Task tracking and reminders
  • Captures and reports of resource and time spent on each grant and project
  • Security and compliance
  • Ability to set up teams to collaboration across individual grants and projects
  • Securely store and manage all proposals, submissions, applications, and attachments.
  • Customisable Reports
  • Assessment with bespoke weightings
  • Consistent set of evaluation assessment factors
  • Roles & Responsibility manager
  • Full workflow stage gateways & governance
  • Streamlined Administration
  • Full Reporting and Forecasting
  • Mobile and Integrations
  • Resource Management
  • Workflow automation
  • Create and track applications with secure, role-based access and various views
  • integrate with existing software solutions
  • Real-time management report generator
  • Personal performance improvement prompts

Clarity, transparency and accuracy

Our assessment manager module increases the clarity, transparency, and accuracy of reporting to programme leadership.

  • Manage and maintain a centralised portfolio of key programmes grants and project data
  • Strengthens due diligence, monitoring, reporting and overall grant management.
  • customisable assessment tool to evaluate grants more efficiently
  • Provides stakeholders with immediate access to accurate programme information.
  • Reduce errors and inefficiencies in data input and record keeping.
  • Access real time budget information.
  • Adhere to funding terms and conditions aided by system compliance rules.
  • Have a more rigorous and traceable due diligence process.
  • Provide evidence-based consistent criteria for grantee and service provider selection.