Risk Management Add-On

Our cloud based predictive Risk Register delivers intelligent risk & opportunity management to de-risk every project across pre-construction and project delivery workflows,
This Add-On provides a cloud based collaborative Risk Register that managers & mitigates all risks and opportunities across all workflow stages It provides robust governance audit trails as well as maintaining the quality and integrity of your data across the entire project cycle which will help you lower your overall business risk.
Each bid / project has visible real-time dashboard warning scores of both risk and opportunities through all bid and delivery stages as well as appointment and handover.
Digital collaboration enables easy allocation and ongoing management of all identified mitigation actions ensuring progress is assessed, analysed and implemented. Leadership teams can easily check whether pre-con team have priced for all risks and also see if the delivery team has exploited all opportunities.

Equally the ability to extend dashboards to clients and along the supply-chain means you can easily share all identified risks and opportunities which provides insights of real-time liabilities for all risks. Parties may then choose to transfer/balance the risk at a price to other parties, allowing real-time tracking.

Functions & Features

  • All types of Risks can be easily identified throughout the Bid Development period.
  • Built-in reports for more complex bids provide a detailed Risk Register.
  • Bid team resource manager allocates responsibilities for resolving or mitigating risks and can be allocated early on within the bid period, so that they can be closed out appropriately.
  • Progress on managing risks can be monitored by the Bid Leader and recorded on the Bid management tool.
  • Provides real time 24/7 dashboards on all aspects of bid performance
  • Reduces the degree of uncertainty by identifying the risks, quantifying them and assigning a lead person to coordinate the mitigation plan.
  • Risk register automatically costed and shows any time delays.
  • Selected elements of the automatically developed report can be shared with the Client's project manager to ensure these are conducted.
  • Predictive Risk Score & Opportunity Score dashboard for each bid via integrated risk register
  • Automated allocated RACI workflow reviews & approvals.


  • Alleviates concerns over inadequate Risk Reviews.
  • Provides clear allocation of risk at contract formation.
  • All risks clearly assigned to liable parties in the contract.
  • Client's retained risk allowance clearly visible.
  • Delivers full cost PREDICTABILITY.
  • Every user sees their actions and activities on their smart phones.
  • Post-delivery analytics to help assess if risks properly costed at bid stage with built in lessons learnt to mitigate risks in the future.
  • Enables ethos of Predictable outcome.