Predictive Dashboards

myConsole is an advanced pre-construction ready, workplace database platform with built-in core functions and a wide range of Add-Ons, all ready to go.
As every business in the construction industry needs to become more efficient and effective in their work winning, myConsole offers a unique, fully integrated solution.

myConsole provides built in best practice work winning guidance at every key point of your work winning process which helps ensure capture of critical project and bid data throughout your procurement workflows.
Your data is analysed and processed in real-time and is visible via dashboards and management reports which informs both leadership team members and individual bid team members with insights that enables them to make better decisions.

Embrace the digital revolution now and leverage our ready to go digital workplace platform so your bid teams refocus wasteful activities and time to produce better quality winning bids.

Whilst all users experience real-time predictive dashboards, the Leadership teams are provided with high level analytics across business viability, projected profit margins and turnover across each BU's, bid teams, key clients, key sectors, key frameworks and key geographies as well as being able to monitor bid costs and predictive margins and performance.
Start informing every member of your entire pre-construction team with real-time insights to immediately improve their decision-making.
Give them analytics of all the bids their personally are involved with so they can see all their allocated roles, responsibilities and activities enable them to start collaborating together in the cloud.

Real-time analytics informs every user with:

  • Customised insights to improve the decision making of their specific role and function:
  • Recommendations that informs and prompts improvements.
  • Governance reviews, checklists and training videos that guide and mentor.
  • Constant evaluation, feedback & analysis to help them improve and adapt behaviours.
  • Instant overviews of resource spend to ensures consistent monitoring and optimisation of bid overheads.

Machine Learning
You also have the option to use the data collated within myConsole to learn from your successes and failures via our optional Machine Learning Analytics Reports so you can further optimise your processes to help with winning new work in the future.