Key Client Management Add-On

Key Client Management

Your clients are now seeking additional value and service solutions that are focused on their business and their organisational needs and they expect more collaborative working a higher quality service from their suppliers to deliver a mutually beneficial relationships.

Given up to 95% of your profitability can come from a small number of your clients, it is crucial that your project delivery teams collaborate their behaviours and approaches as a cohesive client team to ensure everyone is linked strategically with an agreed vision and tactical client plans of activities.
myConsole provides a vital set of key client management cloud collaboration tools that enables business leaders to create and maintain the environment to build strategic links with your key clients to optimise income and take your organisation forward with greater confidence in your business future.

Key Features:

  • A management tool that enables your client teams to create and implement effective key client management activity plans across all business units, teams and individuals irrespective of geographies.
  • Prompts that help your key client teams to create a client centric culture by using built key client relationship management techniques to drive behaviours that will improve service quality in a planned and managed fashion.
  • Unlimited capture of client team/ design team & all stakeholders' individual & project needs, values & objectives
  • Contains tried and tested built in plans, tactics and strategies

Automatic creation of case study capture throughout entire workflow

  • Dashboards that links performance reporting key client fiscal target and an improved pipeline of work load
  • Enables targets to ensures improve service quality in a planned and managed way
  • Offers guidance at the points in the process where it is needed

Benefits :

  • Real time dashboards of every delivery income and profit performance
  • Relationship Development Score that signposts any improved inter-company relationships and collaboration
  • Increases the level of business the organisation as a whole wins, across all skills groups and business unit
  • Each end-client receives a solution tailored to their specific needs.
  • Embraces the digital revolution
  • Ensures delivery teams become more efficient and effective in work winning
  • Provides an integrated approach, underpinned by dynamic information
  • All metrics are collated and reported to allow constant learning
  • Assignment function to share high level internal dashboard insights across your external clients and stakeholders