Framework Management

Framework Management

Framework organisations and clients continue to require year-on-year improved evidence of increased collaboration and integration across their supply chains.
With this add on you can achieve unprecedented Framework planning and activity management ensuring aligned actions for all projects within all your Frameworks across all your BU's.
The built-in dashboards will indicate all predictive high-level costs, likely outcomes from new and previously captured data and identify where added innovation or value has been achieved across the entire Framework procurement process.
The Framework management module provides all this as well as simultaneous historic comparisons of all current projects against previously delivered projects in each and every Framework to provide powerful insights across all types of framework, procurement routes & contract types

Functions and Features

  • Unlimited capture of your Framework clients' project needs, values & objectives
  • Bespoke dashboards for each individual and /or roles and functions
  • Real time Framework Intelligent Insights, Predictions, Projections and Forecasting
  • Dashboard insights by sectors frameworks & clients
  • Built in KCM strategies and actions linked to client requirements, values and objectives.
  • Key client team's relationship improvement prompts
  • Ability to extend KCM collaboration across other business units & geographies
  • Relationship Development Score
  • Automatic creation of case study capture throughout entire workflow
  • Assignment function to share high level internal dashboard insights across external clients/ stakeholders / supply chain


Experience improved management of Framework data

  • Ability to bespoke KPI capture & reporting of any metric i.e. H&S, CSR, VfM, BREAM, LEED, BCIS, Sustainability
  • Demonstrate your year-on-year improved delivery performance
  • Integrated de-risking of every project
  • Significant savings of time across client contracting authorities and supply-chain resources
  • Improved ROI
  • Identification of VfM adds and innovation across each workflow stage for each project and/ or aggregated framework pipeline