Specialised Construction Industry Work Winning Templates

Collaborate and Control

- A central tool to communicate, govern and maintain all team activities across the whole bid process.

- Real time access - anywhere - to bid information.

- Unlimited number of users.

- Well defined checks, best practice guidelines and WinPlans for each opportunity.

The software provides the single source of truth; where one has easy access to all data and systems for information, insights on projects, client drivers and future opportunities all in one system, where each team member can add and edit information simultaneously for increased clarity.

There is no longer a need for multiple spreadsheets and systems as myConsole clearly documents all sales pipeline activity and performance.

Informed real-time decision-making using analysis and reports produced on all activity across the sales pipeline, with an instant overview of resource spend that ensures consistent monitoring and optimisation of overheads.

Compliant with BIM Standards Codes BS 1192:2007 + A2:2016.