Bid Management Add-On

The myConsole Bid Management Add-On provides an integrated approach to winning new business by leveraging best practice bidding techniques and solutions across your your entire bid management process.
Its enables easy capture of both client and wider stakeholder specific project requirements and drivers, improving early relationship engagement and prompting overall winning behaviours.

Functions & features

  • Enables early client / stakeholder centric engagement.
  • Draws together client objectives understanding, needs and drivers into actionable win plans.
  • Enables operational/ delivery teams to identify and draw out win themes linked to client objectives.
  • Hosts collaborative cloud-based bid launch meetings.
  • Built in" tried & tested" win themes
  • Win Plan Developer & Manager
  • PQQ ITT Q&A Submission Manager
  • Document Manager Access Integrator
  • Built -in marginal gains assessment tool to constantly improve entire work winning process
  • Ability to externally assign dashboards to share high level insights to clients and / or across supply chain
  • Personalised dashboards detailing RACI actions & team activities
  • Visibility of all bid team's progress across all activities

If your strategic aim is to improve win rates and work winning efficiencies, then using myConsole will prompt an immediate improvement in actions, behaviours and increase your bid teams' capability.
Users can access built-in bid mentor and proposal management checklists, prompts and training videos to develop new skills or refresh existing skills to ensure alignment with current best practice approaches.

Upgrading skills at the same time as introducing this new cloud-based platform is a very effective way of achieving rapid buy-in to desired behavioural change and a dramatic and immediate improvement in overall winning capability.

myConsole optimises work winning efficiencies for each bid in your pipeline, producing a bespoke bid solution tailored to the needs and situation of each individual client.


  • Achieves up to 1:2 win rates and better "out of the box"
  • Minimise wasteful activities and produces "winning bids" not just "compliant bids
  • Ensures value-based, bespoke solutions are being developed to deliver client desired outcomes and outputs
  • Provides dashboards insights of all bid costs and bid management / delivery team resources
  • Improved alignment of bid activities with an uplift in skills and desired behaviours
  • Built in marginal gains capture to share lessons learnt
  • Capturing delivery performance metrics to aid future PQQ and ITT submission content
  • Achieves consistency in case study capture and testimonials
  • Leverages knowledge sharing across innovation, added value and design solutions expertise
  • Exploits the strengths of the professional people that currently exist in in your organisation to bring about a common approach to winning work
  • Real time date and time governance of who has signed off reviews and gateways across entire workflow

myConsole will enable a complete buy-in across your entire leadership and management team as they will quickly can see the immense value of cloud
base work winning.