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Grow your practice with the myConsole Partner Programme

The ESG consultancy marketplace is expected to grow to $16billion by 2027 according to Verdantix Research February 2022
Join our community of ESG professionals and professional service firms and access
FREE use and training for ESG digital platform tools and resources to help you succeed.
Includes FREE ESG Maturity Assessment Survey platform

Join and get myConsole free

It's free to join and to use myConsole and get up to £5000 of value.

Start providing digital ESG solutions

Provide integrated cloud based ESG solutions to solve your client problems

Access Leads

myConsole also provides client introductions and leads to Partners who are certified ESG Administrators

Partner Programme

Join and get myConsole core ESG demo platform and ESG Maturity Assessment Platform for free to manage your client's assessments

  • All professional service firms and ESG consultants who have clients can join
  • Apply now and we will book a date to get you set up and trained without costs

Improve and optimise your performance

Future-proof your offer by having differentiated approaches to ESG

Partner Programme


Being provided further free training and introductions to customers who need implementation support.

Embed improved operational ESG performance

Go beyond collecting data for reporting and move from compliance to value creation

Offer FREE ESG Maturity Assessments

Ability to offer your clients Free ESG Maturity Assessments - includes Preview Report with customisable next step recommendations

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Unlock more benefits
If your practice refers your clients to use myConsole you'll unlock more benefits.
These include being provided free places on our Certified Training Courses for ESG User and ESG Administrator to help manage your practice and deliver optimised digital implementation solutions; as well as leads and introductions based on your sector implementation experience Find out about all the benefits

Find out about all the benefits