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8 reasons for Pre-Construction to digitise their workflow

8 reasons for Pre-Construction to digitise their workflow

Friday 23rd March 2018

Businesses across the world face pressures to capitalise on the latest technology and embrace digitisation.

The construction sector is no different. Technologies such as BIM, 5D modelling and 3D printing are changing the traditional approaches to building projects. But there's more to the digitisation story than these headline-grabbing technologies.

Systems and processes are ripe for change, especially in the Pre-Construction sector. Many businesses still rely on paper forms and excel spreadsheets to manage their workflow. Even the more tech-savvy businesses that use a CRM system, struggle to make it work with their processes.

myConsole is a cloud-based, bid management system that brings every team member onto the same page. It uses algorithms to analyse your unique data and deliver learnings and efficiencies - across the entire bid tender process. There are a huge range of reasons to adopt a digital solution like myConsole, here are the top eight.

Increased win rates
New technology can analyse your data to help you select the bids you are most likely to win. In myConsole this appears as a 'win score', which gives you an immediate snapshot of whether the bid is worth pursuing. You focus your energies on the bids you are most likely to win.

Reduce overheads
Our research suggests bid spend can run as high as 3% of project value. Being more selective in the bids you pursue will reduce overheads and increase profit margins.

With one system, everyone is working from the same set of information. Each team member can see when and where interactions are taking place. Each team member knows they are all playing their correct part in the process.

Information sharing is key to closer working relationships. With new technology data is stored on the cloud, so changes can be made from any devise, anywhere in the country.

Avoid duplication
Information is entered once and shared with the entire team in real-time. This means that team members aren't pointlessly repeating the same tasks; freeing up their time to be more productive.

Improve governance and best practice
Digital tools have embedded review and governance checkpoints that flag up to how processes are working. As well as developing team members' performance, it delivers greater governance and improves best practice.

Deeper reviews
When a bid fails, how often do you sit down and analyse the data to find out how and why that bid failed? With myConsole the system does the analysis for you, providing a report on what went wrong and how to improve.

Become more client-centric
With all the client touch-points, information and notes centred in one location, the system can help you identify ways to build a stronger relationship with each individual client, and each contact within that business.

myConsole seamlessly integrates into legacy software and is available for any number of users at no extra cost. Along with the new technology, we offer a complete change management programme to integrate the system into your business and your team.

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