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Wake up and smell the digital coffee!

Wake up and smell the digital coffee!

Wednesday 16th May 2018

The evolution of digital collaboration is happening, right now!

How do I know, and more importantly, how is this going to affect us? Well, over the last two years, we have been working hard to develop a digital collaboration platform for Construction Industry work winning teams. We have partnered with some of the most forward-thinking talent in our country to create a product that is truly future proof.

From inception to completion, our mantra was Steve Jobs vision; "that it is not about having great technology, and looking for places to use it," but a need for technology to deliver "an intimate connection with the feelings of the user". We believe that with this mentality, the industry can stop being blinded by the unknown concept of digitisation, and instead embrace it to enhance our everyday successes.

For the last 25 years, I have worked closely with hundreds of work winning professionals, whilst working for a wide range of contractors and consultancies. I feel my understanding and expertise in this arena is vast. We witness every user perspective, and need, from Estimators, to Bid Managers, Planners, Design Managers, Divisional Directors, right up to Board Level and Executive Directors. We listen, diagnose and provide solutions to the everyday hurdles which hold everyone back.

So, my mission was to design a digital collaboration platform that instantly empowers every type of work winning user. To deliver a solution to the misread, misinformed, unrecorded information in driving business growth. What we have come up with is myConsole.

We provide everyone with their own individual workplace dashboard, unique and specific for construction industry work winning teams. They can access and use a wide set of collaboration tools, as an integrated part of their working day. They can visualise and plan their team approach to securing, and delivering, excellence.

CRM and Excel Spreadsheets do not provide enough.

BIM has the potential to unlock the future, but does it start early enough in the procurement process? For Steve Jobs, he recognised that delivering excellence through technology was first about understanding the feelings and motivations of the user, and this is the gap that myConsole aims to provide in the Construction industry.

Work Winning approaches and activities can be seamlessly delivered via a cloud platform. We can automatically provide real time data insights, in a dynamic collaborative efficient and effective client centric way. But it needs individuals willing to embrace change, to truly realise the potential of making this leap.

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