Pricing Plans

Free Individual Team Professional Enterprise
Ready to go Pipeline management CRM platform to manage Selectivity for 1 user Ready to go bid & Pipeline Management CRM platform for 1 user An integrated work winning workplace solution to enable cloud collaboration across Bid Teams for minimum 3 users An advance workplace technology platform to enable cloud collaboration across multiple Bid / Key Client/ Framework / Sector/ Project teams for minimum 5 users Robust Workplace Collaboration & Governance across Group's multiple Divisions and Business Units for minimum 25 users
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Unlimited active bids & projects Best practice pre-construction workflow Cloud based Collaboration platform for minimum 3 users Cloud based Collaboration platform for a minimum of 5 users Group wide Predictive Dashboards / analytics of historic and future business performance
Real time intelligent dashboards Gateway Approval Manager Real time bid performance dashboards Personalised dashboards detailing individual & team activities Group wide management of:
Won/ Lost /Active /Stop/ Bid status ITT PQQ management & data capture Business Strategy Planner Automated allocated workflow reviews & approvals

  • 1. Every BU /User/ Role.

CRM Unlimited capture of client team/ design team & all stakeholders' individual & project needs, values & objectives Dashboards for each user Full workflow stage gateway governance

  • 2. Behaviour & activities performance monitor

Pipeline management of all active bids Real-time management report generator Bid spend performance analytics Predictive Risk Score & Opportunity Score dashboard for each bid via integrated risk register

  • 3. Advance forecasts i.e. pipeline winnability for future turnover & margin

Pipeline filtering by: Sectors, Win Score, Region, Client Quick search CRM Address book Chat box across all Bid Teams members Framework Management Module

  • 4. Data rich diagnostics informs future planning & direction

Win score bid assessment On demand win work videos training Multiple team's strategy Planner Easy setup of customised reporting & dashboards Real time intelligent Dashboards of critical business to deliver improved confidence in:
Consistent set of Go/ No Go selectivity factors Ability to bespoke KPI capture & reporting of any metric i.e. H&S, CSR, VfM, BREAM, LEED, BCIS, Sustainability Bid team Resource Manager

  • 1. Quality of pipeline & predictive margins

Commercial summary of each bid Project team Resource Manager

  • 2. Analytics of future business unit vs historic performance

Contract overview for each bid Win Plan Developer & Manager

  • 3. Analytics of Planning Gap vs Pipeline, Clients & Frameworks informing real time decision making

Predictive graphical analytics against turnover and margin PQQ ITT Q&A Submission Manager

  • 4. Transparent control of all bid/ project team costs and resource

Projects Geo locations map RACI Roles & Responsibilities Manager

  • 5. Real time view & record of all Governance, RACI Approvals & Reviews to close Stage Gateways

Full mobility access via smart phones and tablets Personal performance improvement prompts

  • 6. Connectivity and alignment across all frameworks, key clients and BU planning procurement workflow

On demand help & support videos Consultative selling prompts & questions to ask Assignment function to share high level internal dashboard insights across external clients/ stakeholders / supply chain
On demand work winning training videos Automatic creation of case study capture throughout entire workflow
Dashboard insights by sectors frameworks & clients Powerful Self Service Control Panel
Built in" tried & tested" win themes
Built in KCM strategies and actions linked to client requirements, values and objectives.
Document Manager Access Integrator
Key client team's relationship improvement prompts
Visibility of all team's progress across all activities
Built -in marginal gains assessment tool to constantly improve entire work winning process
Ability to externally assign dashboards to share high level insights to clients and / or across supply chain
Easy integration with all other legacy system
Ability to extend KCM collaboration across other business units & geographies
Free to use £15 user / month £25 user / month £45 user / month £ Lets Talk

Set Up Fee

Equivalent to one monthly fee of minimum number of users

Annual Support Fee

Equal to 20% of total fees paid over 12 months

Customisation and Implementation

Opportunity to bespoke processes, reporting and training requirements