Introduction to myConsole

Leverage the Digital Evolution

myConsole is an advanced pre-construction ready workplace database platform with built-in core functions and a wide range of Add-Ons all ready to go. It evolved as a result of working closely with hundreds of consultants, contractors and sub-contractors. It provides an instant digital solution to overcome the usual challenges many contractors have when trying to recreate their construction industry workplace tools in the cloud. By using myConsole, you de-risk the entire process by avoiding significant set up and consultancy costs (often with non-industry experts) as well as saving valuable leadership team's time in specifying software to suit your needs.
As every business in the construction industry needs to become more efficient and effective in their work winning, myConsole offers a uniquely completely fully integrated solution. Additionally, best practice work winning guidance is offered at every key points of the process ensuring critical project and bid data is captured once across the entire procurement workflow. This data is analysed and process in real-time via dashboards and management reports which informs both leadership team members and individual bid team members insight that enables them to make better decisions.
Embrace the digital revolution now and leverage our ready to go digital workplace platform and refocus wasteful activities and time to produce better quality winning bids.
The myConsole platform will deliver your digital vision and improve every aspect of pre-construction through the very latest cloud collaboration solution that constantly learns.