Intro to myConsole

Embracing the Digital Evolution

myConsole is an advance workplace technology platform with built-in core functions and a wide range of modules ready to go. It evolved as a result of working closely with hundreds of consultants, contractors and sub-contractors and understands the challenges when operating with diverse IT support solutions and reporting requirements.
Every business in the construction industry needs to become more efficient and effective in their work winning and myConsole offer a uniquely integrated approach, underpinned by a dynamic solution where information and guidance is offered at the points in the process where it is needed and metrics are collated and reported to allow constant learning.
Embrace the digital revolution and leverage our ready to go digital workflow process that guides users to minimise wasteful activities and produce "winning bids", not just "compliant bids"

The myConsole platform will deliver your digital vision and improve every aspect of pre-construction through the very latest cloud collaboration solution that constantly learns.